iOS 14: What’s new for enterprise IT?

Apple has introduced a selection of interesting improvements for iOS and Mac admins in the recently introduced iOS 14, including new APIs for mobile device management (MDM) and usability improvements.

The easy (but good) stuff

One of the better enhancements is the introduction of choice. iPhone and iPad users can now choose which web browser and/or email app they want to use. While Safari is highly secure (and more secure in the latest OS iterations), the real beauty of this improvement is in email, as enterprises built around use of Microsoft Office will now be able to standardize on use of Outlook on enterprise mobile devices. The process is pretty simple: Install the app you want to use and then set it as default in application Settings on the device.

Privacy is also improved with a recording indicator which is displayed whenever an app has access to the microphone or camera

Improvements for MDM

On a slightly deeper note, Apple has signalled the importance of enterprise IT with its recent Fleetsmith purchase and has boosted this message with a series of useful APIs in its latest (or upcoming) operating systems MDM developers can make use of.

Announcing same day support for iOS 14, Jason Wudi, CTO, Jamf, said: “This year, Apple has made important updates in user provisioning, powerful enterprise workflows, and ensuring security while upholding user privacy, and we’re excited about what these advancements mean for IT and the end users that rely on Apple’s platforms.”

Microsoft Intune is also delivering new functionality along with iOS/macOS. “Microsoft Intune is excited to support Apple in their launch of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7,” the company said. “We are delighted to deliver new functionality alongside Apple’s launch.” You can read more on this at Microsoft here.

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