Instagram trick lets you write on your Stories in ‘Rainbow Text’

Since it launched back in 2016, Instagram’s Stories feature has been one of the most popular on the app.

If you regularly post photos and videos to your Stories, you may think you know everything there is about the feature.

However, there are actually a number of fun tricks you can use to add some colour to your Stories.

Garth Manthe, a content creator based in Cape Town, has shared several creative tips and tricks to use on Instagram Stories.

In a post on LinkedIn, he explained: “For those individuals & brands who love making Instagram Stories, I’ve put together a couple slides with 5 creative tips & tricks to add some spunk & colour to your 2020 content. These should all work for iPhone and Android devices.”

You can add Rainbow Text to your Instagram Stories


One of the quirkiest tricks allows you to add Rainbow Text to your Instagram Stories.

To to do this, choose a photo or video for your story, and add the ‘Strong’ font to it. Next, tap on the text and select the ‘Select All’ feature.

Now comes the tricky part – with one thumb, drag the text holder cursor to the right, while the other thumb is free to tap on the colour palette at the bottom of the screen.

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Move your finger all the way across the word, letter by letter, choosing a different colour for each colour, until you have a full rainbow effect!

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While this undeniably a little bit trickier than simply writing in one colour, it really jazzes up your photos, and is bound to impress your friends!



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