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Industry first delivers lower latency and increased battery life for 5G phones

Long-term partners Ericsson and Telia have joined forces with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to jointly test a new industry first feature in Telia’s commercial 5G network. This new 5G Standalone feature – the inactive state of Radio Resource Control (RRC Inactive) – reduces the amount of signalling required during state transitions. This makes it possible to significantly lower both latency and battery consumption, which are crucial requirements for many Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G use cases, including critical control of remote devices, enhanced mobile broadband, and smart transport.

The new partnership adds to Telia and Ericsson’s 5G alliance with the purpose to enable better 5G for both smartphone users and advanced and emerging 5G use cases for consumers and enterprises.

“World-first innovative solution that will provide a significant boost in 5G benefits.”

Jenny Lindqvist, Ericsson.
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