In Past Lives, He Sold Wine and Automobiles. Now Jim Striegel Finds Success Selling Real Estate

By Rick Mauch
Candy’s Dirt Contributor

Jim Striegel doesn’t have time to get bored. He stays busy being successful.

During his life of 66 years, he has hit home runs in the automobile dealership, the wine business, clothing, and for the past 22 years in the real estate business as a Realtor with JPAR Real Estate.

“I don’t have to enjoy working and doing stuff, but I do,” Striegel said. “I could never sit at home.”

Striegel used to own several automobile dealerships. He made millions when he sold them to AutoNation more than two decades ago. Not yet in his mid-40s, he could have retired to sitting on a beach somewhere drinking Mai Tais or his beverage of choice.

Come to think of it, that beverage might be wine. Another business at which he’s been a success. He owns a vineyard in NAPA Valley, California, where they make Red Mare Wines, which can be found in stores such as Total Wine.

But he didn’t. That’s just not him. When he’s busy he’s happy.

“I had a lot of friends tell me real estate people are lazy,” he said with a chuckle. “I used to knock on doors and hand out business cards. I’d say, ‘I’ve got someone interested in buying, are you interested in selling?’”

Striegel, born in southern Illinois (he now lives in Flower Mound), learned from an early age that staying busy and success go hand-in-hand. His mother was a registered nurse, his father was a doctor, and his brother is still a doctor.

His uncle was vice president of one of America’s most famous department stores and another brother is in the clothing industry. It was also in clothing that Jim started his career of success in various fields.

By the time he was 22, he said he was making a million dollars a year distributing/selling to stores nationwide.

“I had over 1,300 department stores nationwide,” he said. “Back then you had all these department stores you don’t have anymore. That’s where I got the money to go into the auto business.”

Striegel has bought and sold many homes in his career, including to some elite people, though he’s discreet about sharing names. He did, however, acknowledge that he once sold to someone who is almost a billionaire.

“He’s only worth $700 million and he’s a friend of mine to this day,” he said with a smile.

Striegel buys and sells simply because he loves it. He said his favorite part of it all is getting to know people.

“I love people that are honest. I know a lot of people, rich and poor. I love people,” he said.

Like many in the business, he’s facing the challenge of do-it-yourselfers. However, because of his financial position, he’s able to work around it, allowing others to also benefit from the wealth he’s accumulated.

“That’s why I list homes at 1 percent. I’d even do it at a half percent if I need to,” he said. “I do whatever I have to do to make a deal.”

When he’s not working, Striegel enjoys working out, a nice glass of wine, and spending time with his wife, Terri, a certified public accountant. They have a daughter, Elizabeth, who is also successful in the sales world, and a son, Eric, who helped develop a popular convenience store chain. They also have three grandchildren.

“I feel very blessed to have the life I have,” he said. 


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