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In 2025, 5G-compatible smartphones projected to represent 50% of phones sold worldwide


While 5G smartphones will make up only 10% of global sales in 2020, Strategy Analytics forecasts around a billion shipments for the same 5G devices in 2025.

Figures seem to evolve swiftly in the 5G sphere. While only 1% of smartphones sold 2019 were 5G compatible, this market share should rise to 10% by the end of 2020, mainly thanks to upcoming iPhone 12 sales, according to Strategy Analytics.

China should be one of the key markets, since it has been a pioneer in terms of 5G networks. However, only high-end devices will initally be 5G compatible. Samsung, Huawei and lower-end manufacturers wil progressively roll out less expensive alternatives for the general public.

5G smartphone sales should start to increasingly pick up in China and Asia as a whole, before gradually trending in the United States and Western Europe. – AFP Relaxnews



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