Impact Of Mobile Gaming On The Online Casino Industry

Impact Of Mobile Gaming On The Online Casino Industry

Gambling hasn’t always been as accessible as it is now. It wasn’t that long ago when you still had to attend a betting shop or other gambling establishment to place your bets. However, in 1996, all of this changed.  Thanks to the creation of online casinos and video slots, gambling is as mainstream and accessible as it has ever been and it is a popular pastime for thousands of people in the UK and around the world, because of this. There are many reasons for its appeal, from the added thrills that betting on sports offers, to the sheer fun associated with slots. A broader range of people, than ever, is experiencing the excitement gambling offers. The way we consume gambling has also changed beyond recognition too – learn more.

The Present Gambling Climate

Technology allows anyone and everyone to access gambling sites from all kinds of hardware, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or even a mobile device. This allows people to gamble in an environment of their choosing and many prefer to do this at home anonymously. This improved accessibility has also appealed to females and they have taken to online casinos in a big way. Gone are the days of a night out at the local bingo hall, these have been replaced by playing slots at home or on the move. The number of women choosing mobile gaming is steadily increasing and it is thought that women make up 39% of the slot playing statistics.

Slots are the other reason and they have become the number 1 draw at online casinos. They have always been popular ever since they were invented in 1895. However, today’s slots are on another level and offer a totally immersive experience that is on par with console gaming. Their unpredictability and simplicity are what makes them popular and they transfer well to mobile devices.

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Mobile Boost

It has become almost standard for online casinos to now be mobile friendly. Either by optimizing the site to make it compatible with standard web browsers that are used on smart phones or casinos have special apps that can be downloaded on iOS or Android devices. This has made online casinos more popular than they already are, as people can access games whilst on the go. Mobile gaming is especially useful for those who have a long commute to work or you can alleviate the boredom of a lunch hour or a long wait for public transport.

Mobile Gaming Is Here To Stay

Mobile gaming offers privacy, as you are not limited to one room in the house, which is the case when using desktop computers. The same welcome bonuses that desktop customers get are also available to mobile gamers too. There are even special offers specially catering for mobile casino customers. Multiplayer gaming is on the rise through mobile devices and you can now be competitive and play live Poker and Blackjack with groups of people and this brings a social element back into hi-tech gaming.

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