Immersive Puzzler ‘Infinite Inside’ to Release on Vision Pro & All Major Headsets Next Month

Maze Theory today announced that its upcoming immersive puzzle-adventure game Infinite Inside is set to arrive next month, coming to all major headsets.

Initially released as a demo on Quest earlier this year, the full game is set to arrive on July 12th across Vision Pro, Quest 2/3, Pico, SteamVR headsets and PSVR 2.

On mixed reality-supported devices (re: not PC VR or PSVR 2), Infinite Inside is said to blend VR and MR, making these “multi-dimensions a fundamental part of the storytelling and gameplay.”

Check out the trailer below:

When Infinite Inside launches next month, Maze Theory says it will feature five “peaceful and soothing labyrinths filled with mysteries,” environmental storytelling, and “challenging and accessible” puzzles.

Here’s how the studio describes the action:

When the enigmatic ancient artifact known as the ‘Plinth’ mysteriously materialises in your home, it opens a portal to a tranquil, dream-like world, filled with impossible architecture and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Guided by the echoes of past explorers, you will collect shards, solve three-dimensional puzzles, and assemble keys to unlock the mysteries of a secret society committed to maintaining the balance of Order and Chaos.

Can you solve the puzzles and reveal the truth about the society, the legacy of the Plinth, and ultimately, your own place in this mystical world?

Maze Theory, a subsidiary of Saltwater Games, is the London-based team behind a slew of XR games, including Peaky Blinders: The Kings Ransom, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time and Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins.

Infinite Inside marks one of Maze Theory’s (and likely the industry’s) broadest releases to date, covering nearly all major VR/MR platforms. You can find it on Steam, Quest, PSVR 2, and Pico. An App Store link for the Vision Pro version should arrive closer to launch, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.


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