I’m taking up marriage therapy with my husband because of his grim car habit – it’s the last straw

A MUM has revealed that she is taking up marriage therapy with her husband because of his grim car habit.

The woman took to Reddit with a snap of a pile of rubbish left by her husband in the footwell of their car.

The grim rubbish heap left by the woman's husband in their car


The grim rubbish heap left by the woman’s husband in their carCredit: Reddit

Among the many items discarded in the motor were half-empty bottles of Gatorade and crushed cans of the Monster energy drink.

It would be a brave passenger who dared rest their feet in the filthy footwell.

The American mum said: “My husband and I carpool to work. This is how he keeps his half.

“We’re finally getting therapy in a few weeks. I hope it helps. This is just the final straw.

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“I know he’s tired and I am understanding but it’s gone too far.

“I wanted to see how bad he would let it get. Guess I’m gonna have to cave in and clean it after all.”

But the woman conceded that her husband is fairly hygienic inside the house – except for two other grim habits.

She said: “He actually cleans and does dishes and makes the bed and is generally helpful. Except for two things.

“He’ll leave the empty toilet paper roll on the bathroom window sill, and he’ll leave glasses and beer cans next to his ottoman.

“Drives me up a wall but I know I’m occasionally guilty too when I’m tired so I understand.

“Well, not the toilet paper roll thing I mean, the trash is right there.

“I even make him bring his cigarette butts in. I can’t stand a litter bug.”

People were divided over the mum’s disgusting snap of her car litter.

One said: “Don’t assume that’s Gatorade.”

Another said: “I’m more worried about his heart.”

A third said: “Thanks for not littering.”

It comes after parents on Britain’s “most disgusting street” said they won’t let their kids play outside because of a 7ft mountain of rubbish infested with rats.


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