I tried major brand’s new EV – I don’t know what they were thinking

A CAR expert was left disappointed after trying a major brand’s new electric vehicle.

Content creator Tish took to YouTube channel Electroheads to review a new all-electric SUV.

The driver put the Honda to the test


The driver put the Honda to the testCredit: Autocars

But she was left unimpressed by some of the features


But she was left unimpressed by some of the features

The cars pro gave her “brutal opinions” and explained to viewers whether the Honda E:NY1 is worth purchasing.

The £47,000 vehicle boasts a 256 miles of range and it can reach a top speed of 99mph.

But the unimpressed motorist said it felt short.

She admitted the new model is “not affordable” and is just like the rest of EVs on the market.

On the clip she fumed: “Honda what were you thinking? £47,000 for this?”

“This is a mainstream SUV which pretty much is like a lot of other cars on the market.

Tish added: “To enter the SUV market this had to be really strong, my worry is they haven’t done enough to take on the rest of the market.

“Overall it’s nothing spectacular to what we’ve already seen.”

She added the range doesn’t adapt to your driving modes – which can be a struggle for drivers.

With the paddles on the back of the steering wheel, drivers can adjust the regenerative braking.

Once put to the test, the driver realised it didn’t live up to the expectations.

Footage shows how she accelerates up to 40mph and then lifts off.

“I don’t think it’s particularly strong. It’s taking that long to get to 30 and we’re still crawling.

“So it’s definitely not a one pedal drive and to me this is a bit of a disappointment,” she slammed.

Manufacturers fitted the charging point at the front of the car, but the Youtuber said it can be an issue for drivers.

According to the EV expert, it’s difficult to access if you get into an end bump.

Jumping inside the E:NY1, she said the spacious interior felt “nice and comfortable” – which includes two USBC charging points.

She added: “It’s not cheap plastic it does actually feel quite hard wearing.”

However, she claimed the material of the pull out armrest wasn’t the best.

The car comes with space in the centre console and extra room in the wireless charging area, but the expert said it wasn’t enough.

The EV fan was then left unimpressed when she checked the sunroof just to realise it had a manual blind.

She slammed: “This is a £47,000 car and I have got a manual blind which is not that great. And it doesn’t open either which is a shame.”

The manual blind is used by manufacturers to maximise the range as an open sunroof can create drag.

She finally says the car has good features that can justify the price.

And manufacturers excelled on the driving engagement – which she said was “spot on”.

But it doesn’t stand up from the rest.

She said: “This fully electric car is not too different to anything else on the market and that’s a real shame because they’re asking for a very strong price.

“And it becomes a little bit harder to recommend.”

Honda has been approached for comment.

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