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Huawei synergises Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence with new dimensions – News

GITEX provided an opportunity for tech-companies to learn and unlearn Huawei’s advancement in Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence

HUAWEI has led from the front in not only marshalling technologies but also synchronizing them into mass usage for the common benefit of an evolving digital society. Apart from being a leading technology solutions provider, Huawei showcased its merits, new innovative applications as well as the vision for the future at GITEX. Huawei Cloud applications and inventions were the centre of attraction.

In an era of 5G, Huawei believes in creating new synergies between connectivity, cloud, Artificial Intelligence, computing, and industry applications to ensure a fully connected intelligent world. Availability, Adaptability, Manageability and Security are, thus, the hallmarks of modern communication in the new 5G era.huawei-cloud

Its credibility and technological soundness saw the signing of a number of strategic deals with several companies, too. The thrust was to explore and introduce digital transformation and new innovations in the UAE and beyond.

At GITEX Technology Week 2020, Huawei exhibited the indispensability between 5G and its powerbase Innovation 2.0 – introducing breakthroughs in new Huawei Cloud technologies. It was all about crafting synergy across five tech domains.

Huawei presently provides cloud transformation services to over 1000 customers worldwide in the arenas of government, manufacturing, finance and services. Education is one of its greatest upcoming forts, as dissemination of learning and teaching is completely going digital. This is where Huawei Cloud tools exhibit their vibrancy and technological consistency. A study finds that Huawei Clouds help reduce ‘time to market’ effectively, boost utilisation by 50 percent, and reduces ‘cost of ownership’ up to 40 percent.

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Huawei Cloud provides three platforms that enable digital transformation across industries: the application enablement platform ROMA, the AI enablement platform called Enterprise Intelligence (EI), and the data enablement platform called FusionInsight. Together, the three platforms help to bridge the digital and physical worlds, empower applications, and harness the power of data.

Hybrid Integration Platform ROMA

It is Huawei Cloud’s full-stack application meant for data integration. It is related to common scenarios of enterprises, and helps them overcome digital transformation difficulties. ROMA Connect provides lightweight message, data, API, device, and model integration. It simplifies Cloudification flow and supports cross-regional integration. In other words, it formats the diverse business on Clouds.Huawei-Gitex

Enterprise Intelligence :

While Huawei Cloud is meant for big networks, Enterprise Intelligence is the new-in. It helps customers create value on an ongoing basis. As organisations are accustomed to Artificial Intelligence, a need for diversification was always there. For e.g., supply chain, manufacturing, and management systems of large- and medium-sized enterprises require more complex AI applications. This is where EI creates more value for enterprises in a sophisticated advanced manner. It supports in repositioning the intelligence format on Clouds.

FusionInsight Big Data Platform

Huawei FusionInsight has become a necessity for big data organisations. It helps in storage and analytical capabilities. Different tasks can be performed with various business applications. By saving time and labour, Huawei FusionInsight delivers cluster management platform for various functions: understand status of hosts and services; obtain key system information in a timely manner; and audit digital profiles.

Huawei Cloud evolution and advancement is meant to help enterprises mine intelligence from data, accelerate digital transformation, and promote digital economy. This is why this year the slogan was ‘New Value Together’. In a world that is infected with pandemic, and social distancing is order of the day; Huawei, the global provider of information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices has taken a leap forward. In collaboration with partners, Huawei is mapping the road to technological resonance. It focuses on applying ICT technologies to more industries through tailor-made solutions, inevitably promoting revenue, enhancing performance, and furthering strategic reach, respectively.

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In the complex process of digital transformation, Huawei believes top-level design is essential. Standardized and open technical reference architecture is a must. Huawei, thus, proposes the intelligent twins concept, which is divided into four layers :

* Intelligent interaction is the entry for the physical and digital worlds to interact with each other. The module shares information with each other rather than perception. The reason is that the flow and function of information is bidirectional, whereas perception is unidirectional.

* Seamless coverage and ‘Internet of Everything’ through intelligent connections is the second layer. The intelligent centre acts as the brain and evolves in decision-making. It not only aggregates and computes data, but also collaborates with different organizations.

* Smart applications are the in-depth integration of Artificial Intelligence and industry knowledge and help in the implementation of digital transformation scenarios.

* The architecture can be extended on smart devices and industry applications, too. This standard and open architecture can better implement top-level design for digital transformation, achieve “one blueprint to the end”, avoid siloed repeated construction, and improve efficiency.

A virtual summit named “Igniting innovation through education” articulately addressed the requirements of today’s education sector, and what the ICT community can do to bolster digital learning. Huawei has come up with eClassroom, 4K HD whiteboards and Wireless Campus solutions. The most startling achievement at GITEX was an agreement with the Dubai Municipality. The intention is to tap into Huawei’s vast experience in data-centre technology, and simplify operations by decoupling infrastructure from the intelligent software management platform. It is all about creating more value to services through the efficient use of 5G, Huawei cloud, and artificial intelligence – through cloud computing, big data analytics, and software defined networking.

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Huawei at GITEX also signed MoUs with Foresight Technology, a leading provider of complete range of servers, storage and security solutions; and Ankabut – the UAE’s Advanced National Research and Education Network, for upgrading a host of services. Huawei brings in the perfect connect through a rich mix of technology and gadgets.

GITEX’s 40th edition has enabled Huawei to unfold unprecedented opportunities for organisations across the region to adapt with the resurging five-tech domains. As rightly stated by Charles Yang, President of Huawei Middle East, it has come at an opportune moment, when the need for connecting people, businesses and communities was more than a necessity.

Huawei’s ‘New Value Together’ doctrine has simply made that possible, accessible and viable through intelligent networking. Real and artificial intelligence is up for grabs in the Huawei Clouds. Smart cities and smart solutions are Huawei’s hallmarks of reliability.


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