How to make sure watch does not use connected GPS from iphone?

So, long story short: first outdoor walk i ever did with the Watch 6 (GPS, non-cellular) the GPS track was amazing. The best i’ve seen from an Apple Watch. But every time after that it seemed to fade off track, cut corners, take shortcuts (almost like connecting dots where no gps data was collected), basically turned to useless. Logically all speed, pace, elevation data is affected therefore calories count, etc are not that accurate.

I did a reset fitness data in the watch app, then went for an outdoor walk without my iphone.
The GPS track, speed, elevation everything perfect. Garmin-like.
I came back and picked up my phone, the workout synced automatically and the map data is showing. All good.

Question: how can i set the watch up so it NEVER uses the iPhone GPS next time i’ll also have the phone with me on my walks?
I’ve heard different versions: turn on airplane mode on the watch, disable BT on the iphone, turn on airplane mode on the phone, etc, etc.

Which is the way? :)

PS – noticed the GPS polling rate using watch only is much higher than iphone data. It like collects data faster, therefore the “mario-kart” effect around corners is gone. When using the iPhone (basically just having it in my pocket while walking), the GPS tracks look like old Watch tracks, where it rounded pretty much every corner.

On my phone i have location services on, enabled for apple watch faces and workouts, as well as system services motion calibration and compass calibration. Even with all these enabled, when i have the phone with me, the GPS tracks from my outdoor walks look mostly crap, as explained above: cut / rounded corners, sometimes missing portions, etc.

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