How to lock your Facebook profile on Android and iPhone

As the largest social network on the planet Facebook It’s not a very private place. From photos to more personal information such as names, and in some cases phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc., it is available to everyone on the portal. The purpose is to keep people in touch, but that leaves some gaps in the privacy hole in the system. Facebook provides tools that allow such individuals to lock their Facebook profile.When you lock your profile, strangers[概要]You will not be able to see information about you, such as pages, photos, stories, new posts on the timeline, etc. All “public” updates for locked profiles are only visible to those who are friends with that person.

Given that profile locking is used by most users and there is a lack of privacy in the connected world, let’s provide a step-by-step guide on how to lock your Facebook profile and get rid of the stalker. ..

For Android users

step 1: Open the Facebook app Tap the 3-dot menu Icon next to “Add to Story”

Step 2:please choose Lock profile option. A description of how to lock the profile is displayed.

Step 3: “You Locked Your Profile” is displayed in the pop-up, and you can execute it without any hassle.

Currently, there is no way to lock the profile. iOS Although it is a Facebook application, it is possible by accessing the web version.

How to lock a profile on your desktop

step 1: Go to and click on your profile

Step 2: In the URL, replace “www” with “m” (replace the URL with This will open the mobile site in your desktop browser.

Step 3:[プロファイルの編集]Click next to the button. 3 dot menu

Step 4: select Lock profile [OK]Click.Then click Lock profile option.

If you want to “unlock” your profile in the future, Facebook will also allow it. If necessary, you will need to follow the steps above to select “Unlock Profile”.

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How to lock your Facebook profile on Android and iPhone

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