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How to Learn About Cryptocurrency Fast

How to Learn About Cryptocurrency Fast

If you weren’t one of the early investors into cryptocurrency in the last decade, you may have looked on in envy at those that did and benefitted from doing so. However, it’s not all easy wins and huge price rises with many not seeing a healthy ROI on their cryptocurrency of choice. Many have come and gone whilst others have thrived such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. With so many different options available, make sure you compare crypto first so you can make an investment that suits you. If you are wanting to learn about cryptocurrency fast and start investing and using digital currency today, here’s our short guide on where to start.

Follow Industry News & Updates

Like with any form of trading, keeping up to date with industry news and insights can help build an understanding no matter whether you are a novice to cryptocurrency or not. Following experts and traders will expand your knowledge quickly after understanding the basics, and there are many online forums and communities that can help. Many of the cryptocurrency exchanges will also have free guides and how-tos for an overview.

By keeping up to date with crypto news and trends you will be able to discover opportunities to invest, especially when looking at altcoins. Floku Inu is one that whilst following the memecoin format popularised by Dogecoin, has ambitions to become the number one global cryptocurrency. It will have its own education platform to help beginners thrive as well as a metaverse for PlayToEarn gaming, and an NFT and merchandise store. There are plenty of altcoins and memecoins to learn about and provide a diverse portfolio away from the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Register with a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Not only does using an exchange platform help users begin to buy, sell, and trade digital currency, but it can also be a great place to learn more. There are plenty of trusted platforms to register with, some of the most popular including CoinBase, Binance and PancakeSwap to name a few. Many will have their own tips and tutorials to help get up to speed with using their exchange, as well as explain the basics terms and jargon such as blockchain, NFT or coin mining. By learning through an exchange, it will also demonstrate how to use their platform to buy or sell cryptocurrency, setup a digital wallet and much more for free.

Research and Practice Trading

Once you know the basics, you may want to expand your knowledge further and start trading yourself. There are plenty of online courses that will take your research further, such as through Udemy or LinkedIn Learning, and many provide a free trial period before payment. The more informed you are, the better your understanding will be of the many digital currency trends and their various risks as well as being able to read the markets. Putting this to the test without using actual crypto assets is also a helpful way to learn quickly. Platforms such as Plus500 and Binance have demo accounts that you can use but may not be available in all countries.

There are various ways to start learning and developing your understanding of cryptocurrency, depending on what you want to achieve. If you are wanting to become an expert, this may take time and patience, but for those wanting a fast way to learn, there are plenty of opportunities.   

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