How to get the Eclipse 50 car garage in GTA Online

For years, players have been limited in how many cars they were able to store and showcase in their garages in GTA Online. After dozens of updates introduced a host of new properties, vehicles, weapons, and other features, Rockstar has finally given the players a larger garage to show off their collection. This new garage, the Eclipse Blvd 50-car garage, is a massive, five-story-tall garage that is, as you can guess, located on the pristine Eclipse Blvd. However, just having the cash and knowing where this swanky garage is isn’t quite enough to actually purchase it. GTA Online has a host of ways to buy properties and items, so here’s how you can become the proud owner of the Eclipse Blvd 50-car garage.

How to buy the Eclipse Blvd 50-car garage

A massive car garage in GTA Online.

Before getting into the actual process of purchasing the Eclipse Blvd 50-car garage, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that there are no requirements in terms of progression, level, or anything else of that sort that you need to meet before you have the option to buy it. The bad news, which is the case with all properties in GTA Online is that it is expensive. In this case, you will need to make sure you have a healthy bank account with at least $2,740,000 ready to drop. Once you’ve got the cash, here’s how to buy your new garage.

A web browser in GTA Online.

First, jump into a game of GTA Online and pop open the in-game internet on your smartphone or laptop. From here, the website you’re looking for is the Dynasty 8 Real Estate site. Make sure it is the normal site, not the Dynasty 8 Executive site. Next, click on the View Property Listings option and the Eclipse Blvd Custom Garage will be the first property in the listing. Select Buy and then go through the details page.

Here, you will be able to choose the different interior designs you want for your garage. The three choices you have are Immaculate, Industrial, and Indulgent; there are also 12 accent color and lighting options. We say designs plural because you can actually give each of the five floors of your garage a different design. Different designs do cost extra, but really add a lot to personalize and highlight your car collection. If you can’t decide, or don’t have enough spare cash, you can always change up and add new designs after the fact.

A garage customization menu in GTA Online.

Once you’re ready to make the final purchase, select Purchase Property and watch your funds drop.

To visit your new luxury garage, you can find it on your map on the northern side of Los Santos. Eclipse Blvd is one of the larger main streets running east and west in the West Vinewood neighborhood. Because there’s no way to automatically move any of your cars from one garage to another, you’ll quickly learn its location well as you have to manually drive all of your cars to the new garage to store them there.

Or, another method you can use is to drive there once, store your car, and then call your mechanic to deliver your next car to you. Once they drop it off, you can just pull right in your garage, exit, and repeat the process.

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