How to get RStudio Conference 2020 workshop materials free online

Even if you attended RStudio’s pre-conference two-day training last month, you could only attend one workhop — and there were more than half a dozen. Now, though, many materials including slides and R code are available free online. Here’s how to get them.

Most of the code and slides have been posted on GitHub . If you don’t have git version control set up on your system, you can download a zipped file of any repository. But git and GitHub do make it easier and more elegant. Check out episode 33 of Do More With R below if you’d like to learn about git and GitHub in RStudio:

Tidy Time Series and Forecasting in R

Instructor Rob J. Hyndman, professor statistics at Monash University, literally wrote the book on time series forecasting in R  — not to mention the R forecast package. I was torn between attending this one and the machine-learning workshop I ended up taking. Happily, even though it’s not quite as good as being in a classroom in person, the written materials and code are online.

The GitHub repository is at and his Forecasting Principles and Practice textbook is free online at

Modern Geospatial Data Analysis

“You will learn to read, manipulate and visualize spatial data and you’ll be introduced to functionality that will have you saying ‘I didn’t know you could do that in R!’ touts this workshop’s overview. This is another one I wish I could have attended.

This calss featured the sf, tmap, mapview, raster, and dplyr packages.



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