How to Get Discovery Plus on Samsung TV

Samsung is easily amongst the most popular smart TV brands out there. It’s no wonder then that Discovery Plus has brought out its official app to Samsung’s line of Smart TVs. Here’s how you can get started with Discover Plus on your Samsung Smart TV.

Subscribe to Discovery Plus

Before you get the app, you need to subscribe to Discovery Plus first. Visit the Discovery plus website, and click on Start Free Trial to start your sign-up procedure. Select a plan, create an account, and fill in your billing details.


You need to have a Samsung Smart TV  model of 2017 or later. If you meet this requirement, good news! You can install Discovery Plus on your Samsung Smart TV, no problem. Also, make sure to update your Smart TV’s software as this will ensure that Discovery Plus is available when you search for it. Here’s how you can do so:

Press the Home button to bring up the Menu. Use the directional buttons to get to Settings and press the center button to select it. 

In the menu, go down to Support. Select it and you will get the Software Update option.

If it’s greyed out, then your Samsung Smart TV’s software is up to date. If it’s not, press the center button. You’ll have the Update Now and Auto Update options. We recommend you choose Auto Update so that you won’t have to manually update it again in the future.

Install Discovery Plus on Samsung TV

Now, you’re all set to install Discovery Plus on your Samsung Smart TV. Here’s how you can do so:

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Open Apps

First up, head to your TV’s Home Screen (or Smart Hub) by pressing the Home Button just above the directional pad. Use the left/right directional buttons to find Apps and press the center button.

Search for Discovery Plus

Use the directional buttons to get to the Magnifying glass (search) and press the center button.

Type in Discovery Plus and select it.

Install Discovery Plus

When you select Discovery Plus app, the Install button will automatically be highlighted.

Just press the center button and the installation will begin. Once Discovery Plus is installed on your Samsung Smart TV, you can go ahead and Open it, or Add to Home so you can access it easily from your Home Screen the next time you turn on your Samsung Smart TV.

Once you open Discovery Plus, follow the on-screen prompts to log in. And just like that, you can now watch all your favourite Discovery Plus shows straight from your Samsung Smart TV.

Image Sources: Samsung Product Support Network (2)


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