How to Fix Hissing Sound While Recording Videos On Google Pixel 3a

In the present scenario, it’s not just the Apple who is at the top of smartphone world. Many other brands are imposing various challenges to them and a few examples include Huawei Mate series, Galaxy Note series as well as another US-based technology giant Google. Their Pixel-series gadgets are amazing and especially when it comes to their cameras. The Pixel 3 and 3XL smartphones have been known to offer an excellent picture quality with a single lens and the parallel smartphone makers are still struggling to have it even with their dual and triple sensors. Well, it doesn’t matter how good a smartphone is, there are a few basic glitches that users have to suffer. Google Pixel 3a users are facing a hissing sound when they use it to record a video. This post is about how to fix hissing while recording videos on Google Pixel 3a.

It is very much true that Google devices are the first to get an Android update or a security patch. Still, the presence of this problem is something that is hard to believe. It is a well-known fact that basic issues like these are mostly related to software bugs.

how to fix hissing while recording videos on Google Pixel 3a.

It was in May 2019 when the Google Pixel 3a smartphone was introduced. This mid-range gadget has performed quite well and is considered as one of the finest phones. Also, it is having the best specifications including the tremendous cameras. However, a few users recently reported about the hissing sound in the cameras. Here are some screenshots of the issue raised by users on various forums.

Problem appeared after Android 10 update

The hissing sound is reported to appear while recording a video and playing the same on the phone. It has declared its presence after the Android 10 update. It’s not only the default camera application which is giving this sound but users reported to have it when the camera is operated from any other app as well such as Whatsapp. This problem was not there till the Google Pixel 3a was running in Developer preview and i.e. Android 10DPS. It is probably an OS bug.


How to fix hissing sound while recording videos on Google Pixel 3a

  • First of all, simply reboot your device into the Safe Mode and check if any of the installed application is the reason to this problem. Remove it from your device.
  • Disabling the Google Assistant Voice Match feature is another way out that can help you to solve this problem. Try the same.
  • To disable the same, simply unlock the phone screen and open the Google app. Click on settings and tap on “Voice”. Next is to click on “Voice Match”. From there, you can toggle OFF the same

There isn’t any official statement from Google yet about this issue. Probably it will be fixed through a new software update which is expected to hit the Google Pixel 3a soon if this problem would be reported in mass. You can let us know more about this issue if you too are facing it. Simply post a comment on the below section.


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