How to Fix Galaxy S24 Battery Drain

If you start noticing rapid battery loss on your Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, or Galaxy S24 Ultra there are some steps you can take before getting in touch with customer support.

While we haven’t see widespread complaints about Galaxy S24 battery life issues, some users have experienced rapid battery drain on their new device.

Some of these battery issues came out of the blue while others started happening after the user installed a new Android software upgrade.

Battery drain issues can be tricky to fix, but there are some steps to take before panicking or taking the device into a store.

In this guide we’ll take you through fixes that have worked for us and others and they might help you solve your Galaxy S24 battery issues in minutes.

Restart Galaxy S24

If your Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, or Galaxy S24 Ultra battery starts draining quicker than you think it should, try a simple restart.

Power your phone down, wait a minute or so, and power it back on. If it’s still draining quickly, move on to the other steps below.

Reduce Brightness

Keeping an eye on your device’s screen brightness is one of the most effective ways to conserve battery. If you constantly have your Galaxy S24’s display at maximum brightness, it’ll drain the battery.

You can find the display’s brightness under the Display section in Settings. Use the slider under “Brightness” to adjust the display based on your environment.

You may also want to enable Adaptive brightness which optimizes the display’s brightness level for available light.

Use Power Saving Mode

Your Galaxy S24 has power management features that can help ward off battery drain. One of them is called Power Saving Mode.

Power Saving Mode will limit certain functions like vibrations, location services, and most background data to help improve your device’s battery life.

You can find Power Saving Mode in the Battery section in your Galaxy S24’s Settings under “Power saving.”

When enabled, you can customize it to turn off Always On Display, limit CPU speed to 70%, decrease brightness by 10%, and limit apps and Home screen.

It’s extremely useful in a pinch or you can just leave it turned on if you think it helps.

Adjust Frame Rate

If your problems are really bad, you might try adjusting your Galaxy S24’s frame rate to see if it helps.

By default, your device is probably set to 120Hz. Consider lowering it to 60Hz as this will reduce the number of times the screen refreshes per second which in turn could help conserve battery life.

  • Go into the Settings app.
  • Tap Display.
  • Tap Motion Smoothness.
  • Change from Adaptive to Standard.

You can always toggle back if you want to.

Check Battery Usage

First and third-party applications can have a negative impact on your phone’s battery life and you’ll want to investigate them if your battery is draining rapidly.

If you suspect an app may have something to do with the rapid battery drain, check your battery usage statistics to identify apps draining the most power.

Go into the Settings app and tap Battery. Here you will find a graph that shows you battery usage over the course of the day. You can also view the last seven days.

Below the Today graph, you get a glimpse at individual app usage. You can tap the app name for more details.

If you use an application a lot, it will obviously drain more battery than an app you never use. If you see an app you never use is sucking up a ton of power, you’ll want to investigate further.

You’ll want to either disable or uninstall an app you think is consuming too much battery and/or RAM. Do that and see if battery life improves.

Turn Off Vibrate Mode

Try turning off Vibrate mode if you don’t need it. To do this, head to the Settings app and follow these instructions:

  • Tap Sounds & vibration.
  • Tap Vibrate
  • Tap Vibration intensity.

Here you can adjust the vibration intensity for Call, Notifications, System, and Media using a slider.

Remove Widgets

You can also try removing Widgets that frequently update with new information to see if that helps to stem the bleeding.

From a Home screen, you need to touch and hold the widget until the menu appears and then you can release. Now, simply tap Remove.

Update Galaxy S24

Samsung will periodically push new software updates to the Galaxy S24 series. Many of these updates will have bug fixes and performance improvements on board.

The company might not call out battery life fixes in an update’s release notes, but new firmware always has the potential to help alleviate battery drain issues.

If a software update is available from Samsung or your carrier, download it and see if it helps.

For more about the latest version of Android 14 and One UI, take a look at our guide.


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