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There are 3 mains reason why a person wants to change car ownership. In this article we are going to explain you how each of them works in India and also going to help you with the documents needed in each.

Reasons to Change Ownership

Car insurance

Purchased by someone else – Here the name of the buyer has to be added in the registration certificate (RC). This has to also be done to remove the name of the previous owner.

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In case of death of owner – This is when the death of the owner has taken place and within 30 days the legal heir can get his name registered.  This also has a clause where the legal heir can use the maximum period of 3 months.

During an Auction – This is where the new owner will replace the old owner in the RC. It is quite similar to what is done in the first one but the documents are different.

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Transfer of Ownership

The Form 29 has to be submitted to take the ownership of the vehicle before the purchase. This has the details of the transferor and transferee. The form has to be sumbited to the RTO in the area where the owner lives. If it is then the same state then Form 30 has to be submitted within 14 days. The transfer for different sates needs form 1 and form 2 along with form 30 with in 45 days.

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There is also a transfer fee under Rule 81 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989.

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Form 29, Form 30, Form 1, Form 2

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Form 1 includes

  • Registration certificate of the vehicle.
  • Insurance certificate of the vehicle.
  • A certificate that verifies the pollution emitted by the vehicle being under control.
  • PAN card of the new owner of the vehicle and Form 60.
  • Chassis and Engine pencil print of the vehicle.
  • A document that acts as proof for the date of birth of the owner of the vehicle.
  • A document which acts as proof for the address of the owner of the vehicle.
  • The R.C. book of the vehicle.
  • Purchaser’s undertaking.
  • Passport size photographs of the owner of the vehicle.
  • The certificate which states that the tax for the vehicle has been cleared.

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Form 2 includes

  • NOC of the owner of the vehicle
  • A document which states the refusal from the concerned registering authority to provide a No Objection Certificate if that is the case.
  • If the owner of the vehicle has not received the No Objection Certificate from the concerned authority, he or she has to provide proof for not receiving the same by producing the following documents:
  • The receipt from the RTO
  • The receipt from the post office of the No Objection Certificate received from the registering authority.

Incase of Death

If the the owner of the vehicle is dead then the to change car ownership the from 31 is very cruicial. Along with that you need RC, Insurance, death certificate, PUC, Pan card of the new owner, Pencil print of chassis and engine number, birth certificate and Photographs. Other things are the document of legal heir for the vehicle. Also Form 20 is needed for the verification of vehicle.

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In an Auction

The change of ownership is slightly different in terms of an auction. The Form 32 is necessary here along with the RC, Insurance and PUC of the vehicle. Engine and Chassis pencil print is necessary in a lot of occasions. A Purchaser’s undertaking is crucial here along with the photographs.

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Pan Card and Form 60 is needed for the transfer and the certificate of the auction conducted by state of central government.

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Always remember

The RC transfer takes upto 30 days to complete. It is possible to check the status at RC for private vehicle is valid for 15 years. A NOC is required for interstate transfer. Also an NOC has an expiry date.

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