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How to Calculate the Possible Winnings in an Online Casino

How To Calculate The Possible Winnings In An Online Casino

The popularity of Internet gaming venues keeps growing. More and more punters want to have a wonderful pastime, enjoy the adrenalin, and possibly win a pleasant reward. However, there’re many users who are afraid of the unpredictability of the gambling results. To help you get rid of the common fears and be able to understand the winnings you can hope for, we offer to read our article.

How are Payouts Generated?

Surely, every gambling facility is aimed at getting profit from punters who deposit and play for real cash. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it’s costly and disadvantageous to gamble online. When we speak about trustworthy and reputable Internet casinos, they use math and a random number generator (RNG) for the generation of any game’s result.

It’s vital to understand that an RNG is not the same as in land-based gaming houses. At Internet clubs, special algorithms are used to make the outcome of the pokie or the other game as random as possible. At the same time, it’s required to remember several facts:

  1. As soon as a punter clicks on a ‘Spin’ button, an RNG chooses one of the outcomes out of millions (or billions) of possible results.
  2. Pokie machines don’t have a memory. It means that it is not important how often a punter wins or loses. Every time a ‘Spin’ button is pressed, the outcome will be independent of the previous or future spins.
  3. All punters have equal chances of a win or loss. There’re no ‘close winning’ or ‘possible loss’.

Besides, the amount of possible returns greatly depends on the casino’s edge. It is a profit of a gaming house, which it takes from a punter’s stakes in the long run. And the last but not least thing to be able to calculate payouts is the characteristics of the definite game.

Games’ House Edge

Let’s observe free online popular casino games and the casino’s edge for each one to define the most beneficial ones for punters:

  • Online craps for real money. Such games are usually presented with a low edge, which totals 0.8% on average.
  • Baccarat. In this game, the percentage of an Internet casino profit is a bit higher and totals 1.06%.
  • Blackjack. This is a popular card game, which is presented at the majority of gambling venues. The casino profit is one of the lowest here and reaches 0.5%.
  • Poker. There’re various kinds of this card game. However, if we speak about video versions, the edge might be from 0.5 to 5%.
  • Pokies. It’s the most variable type of product at Internet casinos. The percentage of the club’s profit depends on the characteristics of the definite slot. For no jackpot games, it might be from 0% to 17%. For pokies with a progressive jackpot, the house edge increases to 5-17%.
  • Roulette and keno. These are possibly the most profitable games for Internet gaming venues. The edge is 5.5% and 25% for each type of game correspondingly.

Understanding Payouts in Pokies

Pokies are one of the most popular types of gamble games due to their simplicity, diversity, and ease of winning. To understand how to win big on online casino slots, it’s first required to know, which parameters of these games to pay attention to:

RTPIt’s a percentage of return that punters can hope for. This parameter is defined by a developer. An industry average totals 96%. Consider an example. If the pokie has a rate of 97%, it means that a punter can obtain 97 EUR back for the 100 EUR spent. However, it’s just a theoretical rate. All the other characteristic should also be taken into account. In addition, the RTP of the definite game might be different depending on the jurisdiction a selected platform belongs to.
VolatilityThis parameter is also called variance. It might be low, medium, or high (the intermediate levels also exist). The characteristic define the risks of a loss. In addition, it defines the possibility to obtain sudden big wins. Thus, low- and medium-variance pokies are more stable. With high-volatility games, punters have chances for larger wins but the risks are very significant as well.
Hit frequencyThis parameter defines the percentage of spins, which will turn to bring rewards. The higher this percentage, the more payouts a punter might obtain. For instance, if a pokie has a hit frequency of 30%, then 300,000 spins out of 1,000,000 will be successful in some way.
Free spins (FSs) frequencyThe characteristic shows how often FSs might be activated in the pokie. For instance, if the parameter is 1/234, it means that at least once out of 234 spins FSs will be launched. Thus, the rewards will grow, while a punter will have no need to spend the budget.
Max winningVarious pokies have different max prizes. Some of them offer quite modest rewards. The others, on the contrary, have generous ones. On average, nice pokies have from x5,000 to x25,000 max winning. However, there’re more and less generous games as well.

Tips to Stay Positive

Before a punter starts playing, it’s important to find a reliable gaming venue with an active operating permit and a fair house edge. For this, it’s required to read professional overviews and define the best clubs for you. For instance, after reading a Rich Palms casino review, we can make sure it’s licensed, accepts punters from various countries, and offer nice conditions for the subscribers.

When a suitable club is chosen, follow simple tips to play and win in the right way:

  1. Make certain to read the casino rules and policy carefully. Get familiar with the deposit/payout limitations. Bonus terms are also important to take the most benefit from the bounties.
  2. Choose the categories of games with a lower percentage of casino profit. The edges for various games are indicated earlier in this article. If a punter decides to play pokies, it’s vital to observe all the important parameters such as RTP, variance, etc.
  3. Think about a possible betting strategy. Every Internet casino wants to have a profit and uses its own strategy. Thus, observe the ways other visitors play at a selected casino and then consider the best ways to bet.
  4. Keep training. It’s first better to start with a demo mode and try a few games. All reputable gaming facilities usually give such an opportunity.
  5. Manage your budget wisely. It’s vital to understand the expense threshold you can afford. It’s better not to spend more than you can. Thus, set certain limits. Consider your tactics for the definite type of game. For example, low-variance pokies are more profitable and stable, so you can play longer and are likely to stay positive. On the contrary, high-volatility games are risky, so it’s necessary to be careful with them.


Gambling games are often unpredictable, especially for those who aren’t ready to look deeper into their technical details. In fact, it’s possible to feel safer when you know more about those products and the ways Internet casinos work. Choose suitable games, follow our tips, and stay cold-headed to reach the desirable profit.

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