How to Access GPT-4

What to know

  • GPT-4 can be accessed with ChatGPT Plus, the new Bing AI, GPT-4 API for developers (waitlist), and products and services such as Duolingo and Khan Academy that have already integrated GPT-4 technology.
  • GPT-4 can parse texts and images, has advanced reasoning capabilities, can generate more creative responses, and can handle text up to 25,000 words.
  • The difference between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 is subtle — the latter still contains many of the same limitations as its predecessor. 

Open AI, the company behind the GPT machine learning technology, has recently unveiled its next generation of GPT technology: GPT-4. It is being touted as OpenAI’s most advanced system to date that is much more accurate, creative, and faster than its predecessors. Here’s all you need to know about GPT 4 and how you can start using it today.    

OpenAI’s GPT 4 is here!

Since the release of ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that leverages GPT 3.5, rumors and speculations about when OpenAI will release GPT-4 have been circulating like wildfire. All have now been put to rest now that OpenAI has publically announced GPT-4. 

Image: OpenAI

GPT-4 is an upgrade in more ways than one, with the ability to understand text as well as image inputs. Its responses, however, are still text-based. 

Though it remains limited in a fundamental sense and can still ‘hallucinate’ facts and have biases, it is subtly different from GPT 3.5, as mentioned in OpenAI’s research blog. 

How can you access GPT 4

If you’re as excited as we are to try out GPT 4, here are a few places where you can access it.

1. ChatGPT Plus

OpenAI’s biggest product, ChatGPT is where you expect GPT-4 to definitely be. But it’s not available for the free ChatGPT version, yet. For now, it’s only available for those who pay the $20 monthly ChatGPT Plus fee. If you have ChatGPT plus, you might be working with GPT-4 already. 

2. Bing AI

We knew GPT-4 to be a part of the Bing AI chat, but Microsoft has finally come out from behind the curtains and made the official announcement. The new Bing AI is currently available only after joining a waitlist. But once it is rolled out to you, you can use the GPT-4 powered Bing AI as your new search engine and AI chatbot.  

3. GPT-4 API

With the launch of GPT-4, OpenAI has also unveiled its API for developers to use. However, like Bing AI, it too is only available after you join a waitlist. If you’re a developer, you would do well to do so and start integrating GPT-4 technology into your own products and services.

4. GPT-4 integrated apps and products

GPT-4, it appears, has been hiding in plain sight all along. Like Binga AI, is has already been a part of many other products. Some of these include the likes of Duolingo, Stripe, and Khan Academy. In the coming few weeks, we can expect more such companies to partner with OpenAI and use its best offering thus far in their own products.  

What’s new in GPT 4

OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman has called GPT-4 to be “still flawed, still limited” and only slightly and subtly different from its GPT-3.5.

Image: OpenAI

But that doesn’t mean there are no visible changes here. Apart from having much more advanced reasoning capabilities (and scoring in higher percentiles for different national-level exams), it also leverages more data and computation and is much more factual than GPT-3.5. It also is more likely to deny requests for disallowed content (sorry DAN).

The biggest change is that GPT-4 can work with both texts and images.

Image: OpenAI

With this new mode of input unlocked, users will be able to provide much richer inputs for GPT-4 to comprehend and respond accordingly. 

The text feature itself has received an upgrade, with its responses being much more creative and capable of handling up to 25,000 words.

Image: OpenAI

Even with all its faults and failings, GPT-3.5 was still a revolutionary technology. With the latest GPT-4 technology, OpenAI seems to have upped the bar further. Now it is up to users and developers to play with it and see what all it can do. So, what’re you waiting for? Let’s get started.


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