Artificial Intelligence

How Microcontrollers Improve With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is causing microcontrollers to achieve higher levels of functionality.

FREMONT, CA: Memory and computing capabilities are not crucial to run AI algorithms anymore. Today, the smallest of systems, with minimum processing and storage, can support AI and ML programs.  Microcontrollers with artificial intelligence have become feasible today. Unlike full-scale computers, microcontrollers are simple and using a programmer, one can execute codes in it. When microcontrollers get the backing of AI, the smallest of devices can attain cognitive capabilities. The implication of AI in microcontrollers can be experienced through day-to-day home appliances, cars, and smart devices.

One can expect more comprehensive functionalities from a wide range of devices when AI and ML are used to improve microcontrollers.  Smaller devices currently depend on expensive hardware for intelligent operationalizations. With AI and ML in microcontrollers, systems can function effectively without depending on high processing powers or internet connectivity. Home appliances can deploy ML and then adapt to routines to develop smart characteristics inherently. The benefits of smart sensors will also extend.

With inexpensive devices and entities becoming AI-enabled, educational applications are also poised to get enhanced. Smart toys and learning devices can make learning practical for children while assisting them to pick up abilities with ease. Furthermore, smartphones that run on instructions today could become smarter and automated when AI-enabled microcontrollers run in the background. The battery specifications for the upgraded microcontrollers are approximately identical as before. Thus, the benefits come without any significant investment in improving power and storage.

As the market for AI and ML progress and move beyond industrial use to penetrate consumer electronics segments, microcontrollers are presumed to take the lead and present inexpensive yet intelligent devices to customers. AI and ML can transform the consumer electronics realm. Given the versatility and security that microcontrollers offer, utilizing AI only optimizes the use cases.


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