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How Artificial Intelligence fighting against Coronavirus in China?

As one of the leading and largest technology innovative country China fights against the deadly Coronavirus epidemic which has resulted over 426 deaths. China’s tech giant like Baidu, Alibaba and other tech start-ups are already using their tools and applications to tackle the epidemic, especially with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Gene sequencing:

Alibaba Cloud, which is the cloud division of China’s ecommerce giant has recently offered its genome sequencing AI for free. While, search engine giant Baidu also joined the battle by offering LinearFold algorithms with AI computing capabilities which helps in gene sequencing for scientific research.

Scientist and Epidemiologists in China and around the world has been trying to create vaccine by recreating the genome sequence of the virus since the outbreak last December.

The AI assisted gene sequencing algorithm reduced prediction time to study coronavirus‘s RNA secondary structure from 55 minutes to just 27 seconds which is vital during the race to stop the virus from infecting thousands of people in China and worldwide.

Apps to check infected passengers:

If you are worried to travel with fellow passengers in China, you can use an app to check for infected passengers. Chinese Internet Company Qihoo 360 has partnered with NoSugar Tech to introduce a platform that lets users check if they have recently traveled with someone who contracted the new coronavirus.

By providing the date of user’s journey, together with flight or train numbers, users can find out if they were traveling with infected fellow passengers. The platform also advises those who have traveled with a person confirmed to have the virus to self-quarantine and seek medical attention if they observe symptoms such as a fever.

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