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In order to prevent online frauds and cooperate with functional agencies to stop them, citizens are asked by AIS to carefully verify the reliability of any website and app links that they receive via SMS, including brandname or short code ones.

It is advisable not to access any suspected links which have unclear origin or content.

When receiving an SMS with fraud content, people are recommended to report to the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT/CC) under AIS by sending an SMS to 5656 or leaving a message at the website address so that AIS can timely work with related agencies to handle the issue.

Also, when discovering a case of using, selling or buying IMSI Catchers / SMS Broadcasters illegally, citizens need to report it to the police or the Authority of Information Security (AIS) immediately via AIS’ hotline 0339035656.

By Tran Binh – Translated by Vien Hong


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