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Honor Band 5i | Honor Band 5i Review

Honor band 5i Review

Honor band 5i Review&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Honor Band 5i is priced at Rs 1,799 in India
  • It is available to buy via Amazon and Honor’s official website
  • It is a pretty significant upgrade over the company’s last year’s Band 5 with a slight increase in price

Product Name:Honor Band 5i

Brand Name:Honor


Fitness tracker market has become quite aggressive, especially with the rise of affordable ones manufactured by Xiaomi and Realme. Honor Band 5i is one of the latest offerings from Huawei that is aimed to target the ever-growing cheap smart wearables segment in India. It is a pretty significant upgrade over the company’s last year’s Band 5 with a slight increase in price. 

The Honor Band 5 was introduced at Rs 2,599, while the latest Band 5i was launched at Rs 2,999. However, it is now retailing at as low as Rs 1,799. Even though it is an upgrade, it does not bring any drastic change in the design. There is a similar body with a built-in USB connector in the watch. Much like other fitness bands in the market, it has basic features such as 24-hour heart-rate monitoring system, coloured display, SpO2 monitor, sleep tracking features and multiple sports modes. 

We have been using the Honor Band 5i for quite some time now and here are our thoughts.


Lightweight and simple design

Responsive display

Excellent sleep tracking


Tricky to remove straps

No added features

Honor band 5i: Design and display

It has a tiny and slim body with a minimalistic design and 160×80 HD screen resolution. There are removable straps that are little tricky to remove, a rectangular-coloured display without any physical buttons and water-resistance up to 50 meters.

Unfortunately, Honor hasn’t brought any noticeable changes in the design even this time. It seems like the company is quite satisfied with this design scheme and wants to play smart by not trying something new and bringing the same body with just improved features. The Honor Band 4, then the Band 5 and now the Band 5i, all of them have been getting the same display with a circular touch button placed on it. 

Its coloured full-touch screen shows everything you would want it to display; from call icons, steps covered, heart rate, SpO2, stopwatch, timer to messages. You can swipe up and down to check all these features and monitor your health from time to time.

The display is, thankfully, responsive and active most of the time, you wouldn’t feel the need for a physical button. It hardly takes any time to reflect the messages you have received or calls you are getting. Although you can’t reply to texts, It is reliable and snappy to check your recent messages and manage your incoming calls without taking out your phone every time.

The best part is, you can wake its display by simply raising your arms (without even touching it). It can also resist accidental falls which means if you bump the band into things, you won’t notice any visible scratches.

The band is comfortable to wear and sits easily on the wrist, even during extensive workouts and gym sessions.

It arrives in Meteorite Black (the one we received), Coral Pink and Olive Green colour variants, out of which black is the modest and decent looking.

You can change the watch faces from the three already available options, but honestly, none of them would make an impression. However, you will feel more than satisfied with the display’s bright and vivid colours. 

Honor band 5i: Performance

The band offers a variety of features, most of which help understand your overall health. It has TruSeenTM 3.0 heart rate monitoring technology that uses AI-driven algorithms for readings and infrared technology. There’s a TruSleep technology as well that enables it to analyse sleep quality in real-time, identify everyday sleep habits, and provide over 200 personalised assessment suggestions for better sleep.

We were fascinated with both of these features. It is just perfect in tracking sleep and day time naps. If you are unable to maintain proper sleeping patterns, the Band 5i might help you in the best way possible. We found it one of the most useful features. It categorises sleep in – Deep, Light, REM, Awake and Naps, and provides a comprehensive data weekly, monthly and yearly. 

Besides this, one of its notable features is SpO2 (an estimated amount of oxygen in the blood). For some of you, this might feel useless, but it can help in evaluating how your body is adapting during workout sessions or at high altitudes. 

The band can further track workout time, and distance travelled through the day, stride frequency, speed and calories burnt. It supports both outdoor and indoor run, walking, cycling and rowing machine. We could easily customise our targets according to our workout regime and get information regarding it. It is also up to 50-meter resistant, but we wouldn’t recommend you to wear it while swimming. 

It is excellent in tracking steps and various sports activities, however, we sometimes felt the band does not register walking time correctly.



Honor Band 5i: Connectivity

You can install the Huawei Health app on your smartphone and connect the band via Bluetooth almost instantly. There is no need for you to check your performance on its tiny display; we rather liked it in the app.

The Huawei Health app is a plus point for fitness freaks. We were able to check and monitor everything on the app easily and get added information regarding sleep and sports activities.

Honor band 5i: Battery life

Honor says that the band can offer six days of standby time, and when we tried it, it stood by the claims. Its battery is decent and can last more than six days in a single charge. 

Like Honor band 5, the Band 5i can also be fueled up with its removable wrist straps. But, as always the straps are tricky to remove and plug it in for charging. We were unable to figure out how to plug it in at first, and you might also experience the same.

Honor band 5i: Verdict

If you are new to smart wearables, then Honor Band 5i would be an ideal option for you as it does not have any complicated buttons or features. It can be set up effortlessly and paired with your smartphone via Huawei Health app in a few steps. 

But if you’re thinking of buying a fitness band that’s worth the money then look somewhere else. Nothing is overwhelming about the band, and it offers almost all the basic features that are found in many similarly priced fitness bands like the Mi Band 4 which costs (Rs 2,299) and offers a similar experience. 

In a nutshell, Honor Band 5i is a fantastic option only if you want a basic wrist band that can track your sleep, heartbeat and basic exercise. You shouldn’t expect additional features with it. 


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