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HomePod Mini, Nest Mini, Echo Dot Advanced Review: Choosing the Best Smart Speaker

Choose between HomePod Mini, Echo Dot, and Nest Mini can be a difficult choice. Why? Because almost all smart speaker manufacturers claim that their product is the best one.

Which One Is the Best Smart Speaker? Advanced Review For HomePod Mini, Echo Dot, and Nest Mini

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An updated “Echo Dot” (L) is pictured next to an older generation “Echo Dot” at Amazon Headquarters, on September 20, 2018 in Seattle Washington. Amazon launched more than 70 Alexa-enabled products during the event.

However, there are certain things you need to consider before purchasing a smart speaker for your home. There are different brands that would give you the proper features that will be compatible with the house you are living in.

To help you with that, here are some tips you need to do to get the best smart speaker for your home.

How to choose the best smart speaker

Popular Science reported that important things you need to consider are sound quality, size, and price. These specifications are really important, aside from the artificial intelligence it offers.

Which One Is the Best Smart Speaker? Advanced Review For HomePod Mini, Echo Dot, and Nest Mini

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A prototype of Apple’s new HomePod is displayed during the 2017 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) at the San Jose Convention Center on June 5, 2017 in San Jose, California. Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the five-day WWDC with announcements of a a new operating system, a new iPad Pro and a the HomePod, a music speaker and home assistant. WWDC runs through June 9.

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Usually, when the smart speaker is cheaper and smaller, that means that it tends to have lower-quality audio. However, that is not applicable in all scenarios. Another spec you need to check is the compatibility.

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Always research if the speaker you are looking at is compatible with all the devices in your house. Even if the product you want offers promising features, if it is not compatible with your gadgets, it’ll be useless.

Here are some smart speakers that offer great features you might want to check out.

Echo Dot 4th Gen

According to CNET‘s latest report, Echo Dot 4th Gen is also a spherical shape speaker, just like the new Amazon Echo. Its sound quality is slightly improved compared to other versions. Although that is the case, it still packs great sound outputs, considering its small size. But, it is still incomparable with HomePod Mini.

Apple HomePod Mini

This one is definitely better than Echo Dot 4th Gen. If you’ll compare it with other smart speakers, it sounded the best across multiple music genres. What’s great about HomePod Mini is that its audio can adapt to the room and uses a full-range driver, as well as dual force canceling radiators. These features allow it to provide music that sounds crisp and loud.

Nest Mini

This one is an older brand compared to HomePod Mini and Echo Dot 4th Gen. It is also not spherical, unlike the other two brands. However, since it is older, you can find it in online shops for only $30. If you are invested in Google’s ecosystem, then this one is the best smart speaker for you.

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