Hi-Tech : Passporter, the most popular photography and travel organization app, comes to Huawei AppGallery

Passporter is one of the most popular applications among travelers. You can earn money by providing tips and useful information from our trips or save on the budget by discovering the best tricks in that new destination you want to visit.

Traveling no longer has to be a lonely experience if you don’t want to. Now the internet and social networks give us the opportunity to find other adventure fans with whom to share our experiences and to help us plan the next getaway.

Passporter is an application in which users can share their photos and the details of their trips to help others to plan your visits to remote paradises. This collaborative app is now available to Huawei users in its app store.

Downloading the application is free and in it we can choose a travel itinerary among the 2,000 different destinations through the more than 700,000 images with which to get an idea of ​​the place we want to travel to. Not only do we choose our trips, but we can help others plan their trips, while we earn money.

Unfortunately, traveling in Spain by public transport is usually not cheap. Prices suffer from a lack of competition and we are used to having a more or less stable cost that is not usually a bargain. To this we must add that some connections are very complicated or impossible.

While you travel and share your itinerary in the application, other users can benefit from your experience and knowledge of the place you have gained during the journey. According to the number of users who consult your information and plan their trips based on yours, Passporter rewards you with a financial reward.

In this way, travelers can pay for part of the trip by sharing their knowledge and others can save yourself search time and money to plan your trip with that inside information. This premium service costs between 2.99 and 6.99 euros, a price that can be offset to save us the costs of asking for help from a travel agency or any other service we need to organize a long trip.

On the occasion of the arrival of Passporter to Huawei App Gallery, the mobile manufacturer offers in the AppGallery Gift Center 2,000 gift codes intended for planning activities in Spain. And when these codes are exhausted, Huawei will offer, through the Personal Assistant, 5,000 more codes with a 50% off for those Passporter users who request it.

In addition to the photos of other travelers, in the itineraries we find a map with routes for each day, tips to make the most of the trip and go safe. You are also Schedule of the places you must visit, the price museum tickets or local restaurants, everything you need to travel as if it were the second time you visit that destination.


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