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Here’s why Bill Gates likes Android phones more than an iPhone

Microsoft lost the smartphone operating system battle to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS with the demise of their Windows Mobile OS, so its no surprise that Bill Gates, the company’s co-founder now uses a phone running one of the other two operating systems. However, he does have a preference between the two, which he reportedly told users on the popular community voice app Clubhouse.

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According to a report by MacRumors, Gates was on the platform as part of the promotion of his new book, where reporter Andrew Sorkin fielded questions on various topics, which inevitably led to the choice of his mobile operating system, now that Windows Mobile was no longer an option. 

Those who want to listen in on the hour-long conversation can also view it on YouTube, thanks to a user who screen recorded the Hanging w/ Bill Gates room, at risk of account suspension.

The report states that Gates told listeners on the conversation that while he often played around with an iPhone to keep track of everything, the one he “carries around” happens to be an Android device. 

When probed, he said that because some manufacturers (like Samsung) also ship some Microsoft apps by default, it was easier for him because of how those apps could connect with the operating system.

While users on iOS can use both Microsoft and Google’s apps on their devices, the platform limits the kind of integration with system features due to the locked-down nature of Apple’s platform. According to the report, the room also saw a quick appearance by Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison, who stated that the company had prioritised an Android version of the app.

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