Hearthstone’s cursed GamesBeat with the Mark of Hakkar — help us spread it

Blizzard has cursed us! Well, I guess they technically just gave us a cool card back for Hearthstone. And if you play us in a game, it can be yours too.

We’re taking part in Hearthstone’s newest event, the Curse of Hakkar. It’s pretty simple. We have the new Mark of Hakkar card back, which you can see below. If you play a full game with one of us, you’ll then get the card back for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; you just have to play a complete game (no conceding). Then you can help it spread across the Hearthstone world.

The Mark of Hakkar card back.

Above: The Mark of Hakkar card back.

Image Credit: Blizzard

Managing editor Jason Wilson (who likes playing Wild as well as Standard) and I will be playing Hearthstone on and off today (and here and there during the next week). If you want to play one of us, just add our Battle.net accounts to your friends list

Mike Minotti: Tolkoto#1525

Jason Wilson: Manischewitz#1112

We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to play everyone who adds us, since we’ve got that whole day job thing going on right now (and no, we don’t just play Hearthstone all day during work … well, not all day). But we’ll do our best to spread this curse, and hopefully you’ll help!


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