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Hampton selectman explains absence from Facebook

To the Editor:

Hopefully, all of you are having the best possible holiday season this year!

This blog is to inform the public that recently I have had to deactivate my Facebook account. I am hopeful that this will be temporary and will be back online early 2019 to keep the town of

Hampton informed as it has grown accustomed to under my selectman tenure.

In the past month or so, I have been the victim of cyber fraud. There have been at least two successful hacks into my personal affairs:

1. My savings account had an unauthorized (5) figure withdrawal by a Chinese public company, and

2. Discovery of an unauthorized user on an existing Google account.

Subsequent to these discoveries of privacy infringements, I have hulked” up my security settings for all applicable accounts. After the New Year, I will attempt to reactivate my existing Facebook account, this page will solely be used for sharing town of Hampton information.

Please note that these hacks are legitimate, any suspicious emails or phone calls should always be reported in today’s environment. I hope to speak about this at the next scheduled BOS meeting with the entire board.

Happy New Year!

Regina M. Barnes





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