Got a Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch? Jump on this Black Friday Anker Prime power bank deal

I love power, and having a big battery means I have all the power I need to play all day. As a phone reviewer with a heap of mobile fun, that means a lot of power, and the Anker Prime power bank delivers power for days. Today’s Black Friday deals include the first price drop we’ve seen on the Anker Prime 20K Power Bank since it launched a few months ago, dropping the price by $40 to only $89.99. That’s a stellar offer for a battery that can charge everything from your gaming gear to your smartphone at top speed.

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Frankly, the Anker Prime Power Bank is serious power overkill, and that’s why I said it was the best power bank for power users in our round-up of the best power banks. I tested the larger Anker Prime 25K power bank, which unfortunately doesn’t have a discount attached at the moment, but the smaller 20K battery is just as capable and even more portable. It’s even fun to use if you like checking how much power your devices are drawing. 


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