Google’s Pixel 7 Won’t Deliver on a Big Promise – Review Geek

The Google Pixel 7 in white. Its camera bar features two large back lenses, one of which is oval shaped.

In a surprise move, Google announced the upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in May, months ahead of the expected release date. Unfortunately, after promising a “soft touch glass” finish, Google has already changed its mind on the much-requested feature.

For those unaware, soft-touch glass is the term used when explaining the textured matte finish on the glass of devices like the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4. Not only is this matte finish stylish and less prone to fingerprints, but it makes phones easier to hold and not nearly as slippery.

During the short teaser of the all-new Pixel 7, Google said its new phone would return the soft touch matte glass. Unfortunately, just a few days later, the company confirmed to the popular YouTuber MKBHD that it would stick with the glossy finish.

In our Pixel 6 Pro review, ReviewGeek’s Josh Hendrickson loved everything about the Pixel 6 Pro but said it was “slippery as soap.” That’s because Google ditched the soft touch glass finish for a high-gloss glass design.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 uses a similar high-gloss finish. As a result, devices like the Pixel 6 series or Galaxy S22 are incredibly slippery, and you can find reports all over the internet of them sliding off tables or laps.

While it might sound like a small and silly feature, most users agree that the finish on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 was excellent, making the phones easier to hold and not nearly as slippery as other devices on the market. Many potential buyers were excited to hear it’d make a return with the Pixel 7, but apparently, that’s not happening.

You’ll probably put it in a case anyway. Right?



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