Google’s $179 True Wireless Pixel Buds Are Out Now – Review Geek

White Pixel buds just outside a matching charging case.

Well, that was predictably fast. Not long after the Pixel Bud app appeared in the Play Store, Google released the new Pixel Buds to the actual store. You can pick them up right now in Clearly White for $179. You’ll get all the usual True Wireless earbud features, including a charging case, plus Google Translate right in your ears.

Google first announced the latest Pixel Buds at its Pixel 4 event last October, and then the waiting game began. Just over six months later, and the wait is over. While the company initially announced the Buds would be available in four colors, you can only grab them in Clearly White to start (at least in the U.S.).

Unlike earlier iterations of Pixel Buds, this is a True Wireless option, with no cord tethering the two earbuds. It comes with a matching case that will provide 24 hours of charge time. The buds themselves should last up to five hours.

Google is touting an anchor system that should keep the Pixel Buds in your ears even when your exercising. And the buds have an IPX4 rating (sweat and water resistance), which isn’t the best we’ve seen on True Wireless earbuds, but should be good enough for exercise.

The Pixels buds are Bluetooth 5.0 compliant, and Google says a Bluetooth 4.0 device will stay connected to the buds even when you’re three rooms away indoors, or a football field length away outdoors.

You’ll also get directional mics for adaptive sound so you can hear the people around you, even in a noisy environment. And, as mentioned, the Pixel Buds can translate speech in realtime, which might be handy if we can ever leave home again.

You can buy the Pixel Buds in Clearly White today from Google’s store for $179. The company didn’t specify when Oh So Orange, Clearly White, Quite Mint, and Almost Black will launch.

Source: Google


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