Google Duplex restaurant reservation review

Fingers crossed, and with my wife probably silently wishing I’d called to confirm the reservation myself, we walked into the relatively empty restaurant. I walked to the host stand and said my name is Todd Haselton and I have a reservation for 6:45.

“OK great,” the host said, ready to show me to my table. But I had to ask — did they realize I booked with Google?

“I know it sounds silly but I used Google to book that reservation,” I said to the host. “Did it work?”

“Oh Google!” he exclaimed, motioning toward his colleague who had answered the phone when Google called.

“Did Google work?” I asked the man who had answered.

“Google! That was for you?” the restaurant employee asked. “Yes! It worked. It worked,” he said, noting that he was confused at first why Google would be calling the restaurant to book a reservation.

Suddenly I had become the Google guy, and I had a sneaking suspicion that maybe the restaurant thought I worked for Google.

“Was it a human?” I asked, wondering if maybe during the trial period Google was using people to call restaurants instead of its robot. Google does, by the way, have people on standby in case the call gets too confusing for the restaurant.

My host said it sounded human, but that he could tell it was a robot and that it was a little weird. He didn’t quite understand what was actually going on, but he was able to book the reservation just fine.

When I explained that I had used Google Duplex from my phone to book it, and that Google did it all for me, he was amazed. “It was perfect. Google worked perfectly. We got your reservation,” he said.

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My wife and I sat down and ate.



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