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Global Smartphone Music Production Software Market is projected to reach the value of $59.34 million by 2030


Published August 22, 2023

According to the latest report by Virtue Market Research, in 2022, the Global Smartphone Music Production Software Market was valued at $30 million, and is projected to reach a market size of $59.34 million by 2030. Over the forecast period of 2023-2030, market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9%.

In the dynamic realm of music production, the Global Smartphone Music Production Software Market has emerged as a hub of innovation, enabling aspiring artists and seasoned musicians alike to create melodious tunes right from the palms of their hands. Over the past decade, this market has witnessed remarkable growth, influenced by various factors that have reshaped its landscape.

A pivotal long-term driver bolstering the Smartphone Music Production Software Market is the perpetual surge in music enthusiasts seeking convenient and accessible tools for composing, mixing, and arranging music. The evolution of smartphones into multifunctional devices has fueled this trend, allowing individuals with a passion for music to explore their creative talents effortlessly. The market’s growth trajectory was, however, profoundly affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak prompted lockdowns and social distancing measures that hindered traditional music creation and collaboration. This setback led to a surge in demand for smartphone music production software, as artists sought virtual alternatives to maintain their creative momentum amid challenging circumstances. Consequently, the pandemic acted as a catalyst, expediting the adoption of these software solutions and reshaping the market’s landscape.

In the short term, a significant driver of the Smartphone Music Production Software Market lies in the constant quest for innovation. Technology giants and startups alike are fervently developing new features and tools, propelling the market towards unprecedented growth. Additionally, the rising trend of social media integration within these software platforms has garnered attention. Musicians can now seamlessly share their creations on various platforms, enhancing their reach and allowing for direct engagement with audiences.

Amidst this dynamic landscape, a remarkable opportunity emerges in the form of democratization. The accessibility of smartphone music production software has leveled the playing field for aspiring musicians who lack access to expensive studio equipment. This democratization fosters diversity and inclusivity within the music industry, enabling voices from all corners of the globe to be heard.

A trend that has been observed within the industry is the increasing focus on AI-powered features. The integration of artificial intelligence has revolutionized music creation by offering features such as auto-tuning, rhythm correction, and even AI-generated musical ideas. This trend is not only streamlining the production process but also inspiring new realms of creativity.

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Segmentation Analysis:

The Global Smartphone Music Production Software Market segmentation includes:

By Type: Editing, Mixing, and Recording

Recording is the largest growing segment based on type. Recording music has traditionally been associated with specialized equipment and studios, which could be costly and required a certain level of expertise to operate. However, smartphones have democratized the process, allowing individuals with varying levels of musical experience to easily capture their ideas and compositions. The simplicity of recording on a smartphone, combined with the availability of user-friendly music production apps, has led to a surge in interest and adoption. Furthermore, the rise of social media platforms and streaming services has created a new avenue for sharing and distributing music. Musicians and creators can now easily share their recorded tracks with a global audience, without the need for traditional music distribution channels. This has encouraged more people to explore recording their music on smartphones, contributing to the growth of the recording segment.

The editing segment is the fastest growing segment in this market. The editing segment in the global smartphone music production software market is experiencing rapid growth due to several key factors that are reshaping the way people approach music creation and refinement. One of the primary reasons for the significant growth in the editing segment is the increasing emphasis on personalization and customization. Music creators, whether they are professional musicians or hobbyists, are looking for ways to add their unique touch to their compositions. Editing software allows them to fine-tune their melodies, adjust rhythms, and enhance the overall sound quality to match their creative vision. This demand for personalized music experiences has driven the need for more advanced and user-friendly editing tools on smartphones. The trend of do-it-yourself (DIY) music production is also contributing to the growth of the editing segment. With the availability of powerful editing software on smartphones, individuals can now take on the role of producer and engineer, transforming their musical ideas into polished tracks. This empowerment has led to a surge in interest among a diverse range of music enthusiasts who may not have had access to traditional music production resources.

By Application: Professional Use and Casual Use

Professional use segment is the largest in the global smartphone music production software market due to its established demand among music industry professionals. The growth of the professional use segment can be attributed to the increasing recognition of smartphones as powerful tools for music production among professionals. The integration of advanced features such as multi-track recording, virtual instruments, and professional-grade effects has made smartphone music production software a viable option for professionals looking for on-the-go solutions. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for remote music production, further accelerating the adoption of smartphone software among professionals who needed to collaborate from a distance.

The casual use segment is the fastest growing segment. The rapid growth of the casual use segment is driven by the democratization of music creation. Smartphone music production software has lowered the barriers to entry, allowing individuals with no formal music training to engage in creative activities. The availability of user-friendly interfaces, pre-made loops, and easy-to-use editing tools has made it accessible for casual users to start experimenting with music composition. Social media trends also play a role, as users share their musical creations with friends and followers, inspiring others to try their hand at music production.

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Regional Analysis:

In North America, the use of smartphone music production software is on the rise, making it the largest growing region within the market. This growth can be attributed to several factors. First, North America is home to a vibrant music industry, with a rich tradition of creativity and innovation. Musicians and music enthusiasts in this region are increasingly turning to smartphone software to experiment with new sounds, create demos, and even produce polished tracks. The accessibility and convenience of smartphone music production tools align with the region’s tech-savvy population. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic acted as an accelerator for the adoption of smartphone music production software in North America. Lockdowns and restrictions prompted musicians to seek alternatives to traditional studio setups, leading to increased usage of smartphone apps for remote collaboration and music creation.

The Asia Pacific region is witnessing the fastest growing segment within the global smartphone music production software market. This surge can be attributed to the region’s vast and diverse population, with a strong cultural appreciation for music. As smartphones become more accessible to a larger segment of the population in Asia Pacific, more people are exploring music creation as a means of self-expression. Moreover, the Asia Pacific region is known for its rich musical heritage, which includes various traditional instruments and genres. The integration of smartphone music production software offers a modern twist to traditional music practices, allowing individuals to merge old and new elements in their compositions. This blending of cultural influences is contributing to the rapid growth of the market in this region.

In Europe, smartphone music production software is being embraced as a tool for both casual and professional musicians. The region has a rich musical history, with diverse genres ranging from classical to electronic dance music. Smartphone software allows musicians in Europe to experiment with various styles and genres, leading to a wide array of creative outputs. Moreover, Europe’s strong focus on art and culture has led to a high demand for creative tools like smartphone music production software. Musicians are using these tools to compose, record, and produce music that reflects the region’s cultural richness. Additionally, Europe’s emphasis on sustainability and mobility aligns with the portability and convenience offered by smartphone music production software.

In Latin America, the use of smartphone music production software is gaining momentum, with a focus on infusing music with lively rhythms and energetic beats. The region’s rich musical traditions, including salsa, samba, and reggaeton, align well with the capabilities of smartphone software. Musicians are using these tools to create tracks that celebrate their cultural heritage and create music that encourages people to dance and celebrate. Furthermore, the Latin American region has a strong connection to social media platforms and online content sharing. Musicians in this region are leveraging smartphone music production software to create content that resonates with audiences on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The ability to quickly create engaging musical content aligns with the region’s vibrant and dynamic online culture.

In the Middle East & Africa region, smartphone music production software is harmonizing with the region’s unique musical heritage. Traditional instruments and rhythms coexist with modern technologies, making smartphone software a bridge between old and new. Musicians in this region are using these tools to experiment with blending traditional melodies with contemporary beats. Furthermore, the accessibility of smartphones has enabled individuals in the Middle East & Africa to engage in music creation, even in areas where access to traditional music production equipment is limited. The growth of smartphone music production software in this region speaks to the power of technology in democratizing creative expression.

Latest Industry Developments:

  • Companies within the smartphone music production software market are increasingly forming strategic partnerships and collaborations with other technology and music industry players. These alliances enable them to leverage complementary strengths and resources, facilitating the integration of advanced features and capabilities into their software. Collaborations with popular music artists, influencers, and music platforms also contribute to market visibility and user engagement, fostering a broader user base.
  • Recognizing the growing demand for user-friendly interfaces, companies are emphasizing the enhancement of user experience within their software offerings. They are investing in intuitive interfaces, guided tutorials, and interactive features that cater to users with varying levels of musical expertise. Additionally, companies are working towards making their software accessible across different devices and operating systems, ensuring seamless experiences for users regardless of their chosen platform.
  • Companies are increasingly incorporating AI and machine learning technologies into their smartphone music production software. These advanced technologies are enhancing the software’s capabilities, such as automated music composition, intelligent recommendations for editing and arrangement, and real-time performance analysis. By harnessing the power of AI, companies are providing users with tools that streamline the creative process, boost productivity, and enable unique musical explorations.

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