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Gaming Coins: Top 5 Low-Cap Gems You Can Invest In

Gaming Coins: Top 5 Low-Cap Gems You Can Invest In

With so many different types of cryptocurrency, investors have a wide range of projects to choose from. You can visit the bitcoin era website to open yourself up to a new world of many lucrative trading opportunities that lie in trading these and CFDs online. Gaming coins, a relatively new type, have continued to grow in popularity.

Gaming coins bring together two extremely popular industries: cryptocurrency and video games. Many online games use cryptocurrencies as in-game currency. Players can buy characters and weapons with the game’s cryptocurrency. These games also frequently employ a play-to-earn model, in which players can earn cryptocurrency as they complete tasks.

Over the first half of 2021, blockchain gaming companies raised $476 million. Because this is a new industry, gaming coins may have significant growth potential. Let’s take a look at the top 5 gaming coins you can invest in.

Top 5 Low-Cap Gaming Coins You Can Invest In

Here are some of the best gaming coins to keep an eye on and consider investing in:

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Market Capitalization: $1.33 million

Enjin Coin is a novel approach to investing in gaming coins. It is not restricted to a single blockchain game. Enjin Coin, on the other hand, is designed to work with a wide range of different games.

Enjin, the company behind this cryptocurrency, provides software development kits. Developers can use these kits to create digital assets for their blockchain games, such as in-game currencies or special items. Players can use Enjin’s wallet to store their inventory for Enjin-connected games.

Enjin Coin must be locked into a smart contract when developers create digital assets on Enjin. This ensures that Enjin assets have real-world value.

Enjin Coin debuted in 2021 at $0.13 and reached $4 in April. Following that, the price fell, and it hasn’t grown as much as other major gaming coins since then. However, the versatility of this cryptocurrency may help it do well in the future.

Decentraland (MANA)

Market Capitalization: $1.35 million

Decentraland is a shared virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. It, like other virtual worlds, offers plots called LAND that players can buy and use however they see fit.

The freedom afforded to players is what distinguishes Decentraland. LAND can be used for a variety of purposes including games, artwork, activities, digital tourism, and much more. Decentraland also has Districts, which are communities dedicated to specific themes. Aetheria, for example, is one of the largest Districts and is designed in a cyberpunk style.

MANA, Decentraland’s native token, is used for in-game transactions such as purchasing LAND. It’s also a governance token, granting holders voting rights.

Decentraland is still in its early stages of growth, with monthly user numbers in the hundreds. For potential investors, this is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the platform may fail to gain traction. However, if it does, there is the potential for rapid growth.

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

Market Capitalization: $260 million

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer farm and builder game that is still in the testing phase. Players can purchase land on six different islands, farm it, and purchase animals from the marketplace. It has a fun design that will remind many players of the Animal Crossing series.

ALICE tokens are the game’s currency. ALICE tokens are used for marketplace purchases, and players can earn them by completing quests. Token holders can earn rewards by staking crypto.

My Neighbor Alice is one of the more risky cryptocurrency games to invest in. ALICE tokens lost a lot of value after they were released. It’s difficult to predict whether the game will be a success because it hasn’t yet been released. This is another gaming coin that may or may not be successful, but it has the potential to grow significantly if the game becomes popular.

Illuvium (ILV)

Market Capitalization: $460 million

Illuvium is an open-world RPG with elements of Final Fantasy and Pokémon that will be released in 2022. Players take control of characters known as Hunters, and as they explore, they come across creatures known as Illuvials. These Illuvials are NFTs, and once captured, they are stored in your wallet. Because this is a pay-to-win game, players can earn Illuvium tokens by winning competitions and tournaments.
Despite the fact that Illuvium has been compared to Axie Infinity, there are several significant differences. Illuvium, unlike Axie Infinity, will be in 3D with an open world and a story mode. If it lives up to expectations, it could be the rare crypto game that also appeals to traditional gamers.

In anticipation of the game’s release, the price and market cap of Illuvium have skyrocketed. The fact that the price has already skyrocketed is something to think about before investing. If nothing else, it’s worth keeping an eye on Illuvium when it’s released to see what gamers think.

Yield Guild Games (YGG)

Market Capitalization: $410 million

NFTs are used in the majority of the most popular blockchain games. Yield Guild Games is a decentralized organization whose goal is to maximize the value of investing in NFTs used in various games such as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox.

It accomplishes this by selling and renting NFTs. This allows owners to profit from their NFTs while also allowing other players to buy or rent them. If you have any Axies (the creatures used in Axie Infinity), you could sell them through Yield Guild Games. Another user could then rent your Axies in exchange for a percentage of their profits from playing the game.

Yield Guild Games is another new project that will debut in July 2021. It increased in value by nearly 550 percent over the next month, but then dropped by more than half. Yield Guild Games has a clear use case, given the importance of NFTs in blockchain gaming, and it could do well if the industry continues to grow.


There you have it! The top 5 lowcap gaming coin gems you can invest in. However, a note of warning. Gaming coins, even in crypto, are a risky investment. Several have had tremendous success in 2021. The question is whether this will be a long-term trend or just a passing fad. Cryptocurrency stocks are a good alternative for those who do not want to spend time researching gaming coins.
If crypto gaming has piqued your interest as an investment opportunity, the old adage of doing your homework is more important than ever. Because gaming coins are so new, they do not yet have a track record. To make an informed decision, take your time learning about what they offer and what their goals are.

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