Galaxy A52s is Samsung’s cheapest phone with Wi-Fi 6 support

Last updated: September 18th, 2021 at 11:45 UTC+02:00

At a cursory glance Samsung’s mid-range and flagship phones may seem pretty evenly matched when it comes to connectivity features, but that’s not the case. Take Wi-Fi support, for example. Samsung’s flagship phones have featured Wi-Fi 6 since 2019 while its mid-range phones support the old Wi-Fi 5 standard.

Wi-Fi 6 brings benefits such as higher top speeds compared to Wi-Fi 5, and it allows routers to handle more devices at a given time without slowing down. Wi-Fi 6 routers are continuing to see a rise in popularity ever since they first hit the market two years ago, and we’ll continue to see more and more phones with support for Wi-Fi 6 arrive in the coming months and years.

And Samsung is now making its contribution to bringing Wi-Fi 6-compatible phones to a more affordable price point: The Galaxy A52s is the company’s first non-flagship phone with support for the newer Wi-Fi standard.

The Galaxy A52s 5G joins a fairly short list of Samsung phones that support Wi-Fi 6, but for those who care about this feature, it’s now the most affordable option in Samsung’s ever-growing smartphone lineup. In case you’re wondering, yes, you will need to buy a Wi-Fi 6 router before you can reap the benefits, and thankfully there are plenty of good options out there for every budget.

And if you’re planning on getting a Galaxy A52s 5G, you’re making the right decision because it’s an excellent phone. For more details, check out our Galaxy A52s 5G review.


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