From WhiteHat Jr, Big Basket, and Unacademy to Dunzo — these are the Indian startups that reported data leaks over the past few months

  • The growing startups which have access to millions of users haven’t been able to stay away from the threat of cyber-attacks.
  • Recently, WhiteHat Jr, BigBasket, and more have all reported massive data breaches.
  • Startups and SMEs in India are the most vulnerable segment when it comes to cyberattacks.

India, which is home to some of the top tech solution companies globally, is also one of the major victims of cybersecurity attacks.

The rapid digital shift has worked wonders for startups, but they also increasingly face the threat of cyber attacks. According to a CyberPeace Foundation report (CPF), startups and SMEs in India are the most vulnerable segment when it comes to cyberattacks.

Recently, National Cyber Security Coordinator Lt Gen (retd) Rajesh Pant had said that every day, 4 lakh malware is found, and 375 cyber-attacks are witnessed in India. WhiteHat Jr, Big Basket, and Dunzo are some of the startups that saw their data getting compromised over the last few months.

India’s startup ecosystem has to reassess and build a robust cybersecurity system, as the number of users has increased with the push towards digital adaptation. “Successful ongoing cyber resilience should require the strategic alignment of cyber strategies with incident response, business continuity, and disaster recovery planning. We’ve got to involve the entire enterprise — from the front office to back,” said Akhilesh Tuteja, Global Cyber Security, Co-Leader KPMG International, in a recent report by KPMG on how businesses should prepare for the growing number of cyberattacks.

Here’s a look at the Indian startups who recently reported data breaches or bugs in their security system.

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