From nostalgist to robot ethicist or de-extinction geneticist… 100 jobs of the future revealed

Illo - Jobs of the future

It’s pretty much inevitable that many of us will have our jobs stolen by a robot or artifical intelligence.

So if you want to stand a chance of having a halfway decent career in the 21st century, you should be thinking about what you’ll do when machines rise up and consign you to the dole queue.

Academics have revealed the 100 ‘jobs of the future’ which will be created during the ongoing technology revolution.

Researchers from Ford, Deakin University and Griffiths University spoke to a range of experts to ask for their predictions about the jobs of tomorrow, allowing them to draw up a list of 100 new professions likely to spring up in the coming decades.

They include a nostalgist, who work on ‘recreating remembered experiences for the elderly’,  as well robot ethnicist who will address ethical issues around robots or smart machines.

If these don’t appeal, you could become a de-extinction geneticist and help to clone dead animals or perhaps a smart dust wrangler whose job it is to ‘program swarms of smart dust to assist with surveillance, ecology restoration, and pollution control’.

‘Over the next decade, almost every job will be affected,’ the researchers wrote.

‘Some jobs will disappear entirely. New jobs, not even thought of today, will come into being.

‘We can see this happening already, with fields such as retail, entertainment, health care, manufacturing and education being profoundly affected as technology advances.

‘Some of the drivers fuelling this revolution are: automation, robotics, the internet of things, climate change, globalisation and an ageing and increasing population.’

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Here are the 100 jobs of tomorrow

Technology jobs

  • Additive manufacturing engineer
  • Automation anomaly analyst
  • Biomimicry innovator
  • Bioprinting engineer
  • Chief digital augmentation officer
  • Child assistant bot programmer
  • Digital implant designer
  • DigiTech troubleshooter
  • Energy and data systems installer
  • Ethical hacker
  • Gamification designer
  • Integrated home technology brokers
  • Machine-learning developer
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • New materials engineer
  • Quantum computer programmer
  • Robot ethicist
  • Robot mechanic
  • Satellite network maintenance engineer
  • Shadowtech manager
  • Smart dust wrangler

People jobs

  • 100-year counsellor
  • Aesthetician
  • Aged health carer of the future
  • AI educator
  • Community support worker
  • Cross-cultural capability facilitators
  • Cyborg psychologist
  • Decision support worker
  • Digital memorialists and archivists
  • Displaced persons re-integrator
  • Drone experience designer
  • Early childhood teacher
  • Lifelong education advisor
  • Local community co-ordinator
  • Nostalgist
  • Personal brand manager & content curator
  • Business and Law jobs
  • AI intellectual property negotiator
  • Blockchain talent analyst
  • Chief ethics officer
  • Community farm finance broker
  • Drone airspace regulator
  • Fusionist
  • Innovation manager
  • Personalised marketer
  • Real-virtual transfer shop manager
  • Sharing auditors
  • Trendwatcher

Environment jobs

  • Aged persons climate solutions consultant
  • De-extinction geneticist
  • Digital apiarist
  • Entomicrobiotech cleaners
  • Flood control engineer
  • Integrated ecology restoration worker
  • Waste reclamation and upcycling specialist
  • Water management specialist
  • Weather control engineer

Urban jobs

  • Automated transit system troubleshooter
  • Autonomous vehicle profile designer
  • Biofilm plumber
  • Biometric security solutions engineer
  • Human habitat designer
  • Integrated energy systems strategist
  • Massive 3D printed building designer
  • Net positive architect
  • Regional community growth co-ordinator
  • Sustainable energy solutions engineer
  • Agriculture jobs
  • Agroecological farmer
  • Bio-jacker
  • Cricket farmer
  • Farm safety advisor

Space jobs

  • Offworld habitat designer
  • Terraforming microbiologist

Health jobs

  • Data-based medical diagnostician
  • Genetics coach
  • Health shaper
  • Memory optimiser
  • Nanomedical engineer
  • Nutri-gutome consultant
  • Virtual surgeon
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Data jobs

  • Algorithm interpreter
  • Behaviour prediction analyst
  • Data commodities broker
  • Data farmer
  • Data privacy strategist
  • Data storage solutions designer
  • Data waste recycler
  • Forensic data analyst
  • Freelance virtual clutter organiser
  • Predictive regulation analyst

Experience jobs

  • Analogue experience guide
  • Food knowledge communicator
  • Haptic technology designer
  • Media remixer
  • Multisensory experience designer
  • Space tourism operator
  • Sportsperson of the future
  • Swarm artist
  • Virtual and augmented reality experience creator
  • Virtual assistant personality designer



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