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By MEGKINNARD | Associated Press

Columbia, South Carolina — A bipartisan legislation that reforms the process created to protect the rights of more than one million people across the United States under a protection agreement, prompted by the Britney Spears power of attorney battle. Effort has emerged.

On Tuesday, Congressmen Charlie Crist and Nancy Mace announced the “Freedom Britney Act,” which aims to give more choices to those in custody. They include the ability to discuss the situation with caseworkers — about objections from their parents — and petition the court to replace their parents without the need to “prove cheating or cheating”. I will.

“This is just a common-sense approach to doing the right thing and ensuring that rights are balanced,” Florida Democrat Cristo said at a virtual press conference on Tuesday. It was.

South Carolina Republicans Mace and Christo said last month that it was Spears’ passionate plea that the judge ended her life and money-controlling protection, spurring their proposal. Stated.

“What she did was to shed light and shed light on those abuses,” Mace said. “Her situation is a nightmare, and if it can happen to Britney Spears, it can happen to anyone in this country.”

Spears spoke in public court and accused his father and others of managing the power of attorney because of a mental health crisis in 2008. Prevented her from getting married or giving birth to another child.

Spears’ father and his lawyer emphasize that her and her property, which has a court record of more than $ 50 million, remains vulnerable to fraud and manipulation. Under current law, Spears is responsible for proving her competence before the case is over.

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Mace and Christo said they were hoping for more bipartisan support for the bill. This will provide the state with a grant of at least $ 260 million to hire caseworkers and parents.

The #FreeBritney movement has already crossed party boundaries.

“Everyone is worth controlling their body. Congressman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, fourth-ranked Democrat, tweeted last month following Spears’ testimony.

Some House Republicans have invited spears to testify before Congress. The political department of the House Republican Caucus sent a text describing Mr. Spears as “a victim of toxic government overkill and censorship.”

Earlier this month, former President Donald Trump’s close ally, Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, made a short appearance to Spears supporters outside a court in downtown Los Angeles, at one point “Free Britney! “

Free Britney Act introduced in Congress by Democrat and Republican – Press Enterprise Source link Free Britney Act introduced in Congress by Democrat and Republican – Press Enterprise


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