Four Ways to Divide a Room to Optimise Your Space

Four Ways to Divide a Room to Optimise Your Space

These days many people live in tiny city apartments and work from home. Our homes need to be multifunctional and smartly designed. It can be challenging to find enough space for storage, furniture and decorative items. It’s important to optimise your space and make it work for your lifestyle. You might need to turn your master bedroom into a bedroom and office. Dividing up a room makes the space more efficient and practical for you.

Here are a few ways to divide your living space so you can get the most out of it.

Partitioning with a Curtain

An increasingly amount of people rent their homes. Renters often can’t alter the structural design of the property by adding walls and ripping out fixed furniture. They have to be careful with what they add to the property and settle for temporary fixes.

A curtain is a brilliant way to partition a room without damaging the surrounding ceiling or walls. You can use a Milwaukee drill set to set up a curtain rail across the room. Choose a luxurious curtain fabric to go on the rail and a few curtain ties. You can pull the curtain across when you want to divide the room and pull it back when you want a more open-plan space.

Create Extra Space with a Plant Wall

House plants are a big interior trend, and they can make your home feel much more welcoming. However, plants take up a lot of floor and surface space – especially the much larger ones. You could create a plant wall instead to add an entirely different style to your home. Living walls are an investment that can thrive for years to come with ample sunlight, pruning and water.

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Sliding Doors to Divide Space

Sliding doors are a popular option for ensuite bathrooms. You can slide the door back and forth to divide the room or open it back up. A sliding door is perfect if you don’t have enough space to open a traditional door. A door can take up a lot of space in a small ensuite and make it difficult to fit a shower, toilet and sink in the room. A sliding door looks ultra-modern and adds an unusual feature to your ensuite.

Place a Bookshelf

Your bookshelf doesn’t need to be flat against a wall unless it’s unsteady and needs support. You could place it in the middle of the room to divide up the space. For example, you could have your desk on one side of the bookcase and your bed on the other. It divides up the area and works as a beautiful decorative piece.

Make your home work for you, and step outside the traditional interior model.

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