Fortnite gets spooky with 2023 Fortnitemares event – featuring new quests and free rewards

Fortnite’s seasonal Halloween event, Fortnitemares, kicks off today (October 10), and players have plenty to get excited about, including some new weapons, free quest rewards, and some spooky crossover skins. 

As outlined in a new post on the Fortnite website, the Pumpkin Launcher weapon and Witch Broom are rising from the dead, with the latter being another mobility item which can be used to launch users into the air and gently glide back down. Two totally new weapons are available, too – the Wood Stake Shotgun (which can be found in chests) and Thorne’s Vampiric Blade (obtained by defeating the boss NPC Kado Thorne), which will heal its user when they damage an enemy, allowing them to channel their inner Malenia from Elden Ring