For IT and devops, Sequoia brings iCloud to VM Macs – Computerworld

  • If someone moves a VM to a different Mac host and restarts it, the Virtualization framework automatically creates a new identity for the VM using the information from the Secure Enclave of the new Mac host. The person using the VM will need to reauthenticate to allow iCloud to work.
  • The Mac will also detect attempts to start multiple copies of the same VM simultaneously on the same Mac host. 

Enterprise-ready Macs

This is just one of a slew of WWDC-announced improvements coming to Macs and other Apple devices this fall. These include improvements in device management, passkeys, software updates, and Safari management.

Admins can also install executables, scripts, and configuration files remotely via MDM, which should make it a little easier for organizations to deploy and manage services across their fleets. Apple Account (formerly Apple ID) management has also been improved to encourage organizations to use Managed Apple Accounts..

Another great improvement is in Activation Lock. There have been problems in which perfectly functional Macs that have been handed on for renewal or sold legitimately on second-hand markets have ceased to function because people have neglected to disable Activation Lock. Apple does have a process to help in cases of this kind, but at WWDC it introduced new support to enable IT admins to remove Activation Lock using Apple Business Manager, which should mitigate the unintentionally bricked Mac problem.


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