Food Vegan sausages and artesian hodars within the video games of the sub-series, do probably the most gourmet-conscious soccer folks dwell in Tampere?

There’s a choice in the league-level fixed arena, but often in sub-series games, the food culture comes dragging on. In Tampere, football fans are pampered and vegetarians get something other than beer.

Gourmethodari is already doing its trade when the crowd starts flowing to Pyynikki field. Tampere United from TamU meets Sääksjärvi Loiskeen, and no one needs to watch the game on an empty stomach.

Rami Siikaniva goes to a lot of football games and says that TamU ‘s home games have the best food. Whitefish is currently enjoying hodar stuffed with herb sausage.

“Here’s a real artisan sausage inside the 4 Seasons restaurant’s hodar. On the VIP side there is also a restaurant Muusa dishes and Vegem and Tapola sausages also work. I claim that many times you don’t get as good food, even at the league level. ”

But how important a part of the race experience is food?

“Yes, that is the whole thing. Good company, good feeling and food, possibly some refreshments and of course good football on it. ”

Sausage is a traditional competition food, but Siikaniva would not mind if it could be challenged. At least it should grill well.

“Such a semi-cold sausage doesn’t taste good. You can find a variety here, but otherwise the offer of sporting events is quite one-sided. ”

Tampere United vs. Sääksjärvi Loiske finally ended with Tamun’s 3-0 home win.

Game has set off, the blue guard is swaying and the judge is being saddened.

The break is 1-0. In addition, the crowd chanted the penalty kick by TamU’s goalkeeper.

The point Food Harri Kokaan to Buy Vegan Sausages | Koikkalainen’s diet includes fish and vegetables. She often goes to games and is delighted with the sausages that fit her diet.

“Usually I don’t get any hot food in places like this. It’s all about luxury. ”

A hot vegan sausage warms both the stomach and the mind. But what has Koallinen enjoyed in the games before or should it have been an empty mouth?

“You can drink beer.”

mood attracted to those who arrived on the scene Elina Luotonen and Mario Kolkwitz are vegans. They live nearby and decided on a whim to leave the field.

The couple occasionally go to hockey matches where the food supply has been “pretty limited”.

Usually they have eaten well before leaving. Now Luotonen and Kolkwitz were surprised positively.

“I like it a lot, I thought we wouldn’t get anything here. After all, food is part of the mood, especially when there are breaks and more, ”says Luotonen.

In the future, the couple would like to see more veggies and something more than sausage at sporting events.

“I like oriental food, maybe some rolls or falafel. It doesn’t have to be anything great, ”says Luotonen.

Harri Koikkalainen did not have to settle for beer alone when vegan sausages were found on the grill.

If wants good food as an attraction for games, one option is to look for a football entrepreneur who is a fan of football as a partner. 4 Seasons Restaurant Yoni Ichterz and Juho Rajamäki cook in part out of love for the sport.

The French-Finnish Ichterz has been involved for several years and has seen TamU’s history, which goes briefly as follows:

At his best, the former three-time Finnish champion has played in the second, but this season TamU dropped to third.

“When TamU played in the Veikkausliiga 2007, I made food for the hosts in Ratina. Then the original TamU was left out and came TamU K, we started with weaving and have been involved every season, ”Ichterz says.

“And this is not a business, this is a hobby and a support activity, we want to bring better food to the fans and get to watch the matches ourselves,” Rajamäki says.

Elina Luotonen and Mario Kolkwitz were delighted with the vegan options.

The restaurant sector professionals have a wide range of views on why food culture doesn’t flourish, at least in lower-level games.

Setting up a food canopy outdoors requires effort and planning. Street food culture in general is still in its infancy in Finland, partly due to the short and unstable summer in Finland.

At festivals, a change in food culture is already visible, but sporting events are a little behind.

“Sports competitions may not be thought of as events where there is food. The change is quite slow here, ”says Rajamäki.

Yoni Ichtertz’s family roots oblige him to like football. “I’m half French, we’re world champions!” Juho Rajamäki in the background.

good raw materials pay and price is a threshold issue for many buyers. Basic sausage is an easy and inexpensive purchase.

Finnish food culture in general is different from, for example, France. A restaurateur would have enough to say on this subject, but one game may not be enough.

“In France, people drive hundreds of kilometers just to have a good lunch, but in Finland they buy the cheap portion that gets a discount on the euro with a prepaid card and doesn’t even look at the list,” says Ichterz.

But do not bother with the gloom. In a change in food culture, Ichterz relies on a young generation that travels and follows social media. They see more than just sausage stalls.

A queue is formed in the meantime for Hodarikoja.

Soon the grill next door shows two little boys with a traditional sausage and whistle set. Vilho and Akseli Tanskanen play football themselves and have come to watch the game.

What criteria have been used to select the race?

“Sausage is good. You always have to eat sausage in football games, if available. ”

If the boys could hope for just any gourmet food, then what would they like to have in the selection of sporting events?

“Black sausage,” they both say.

The people of Tampere football fans have been partly on different lines with the boys, as a lot of vegan sausage products have been desired from the clubs.

At least in TamU’s and Tampereen Pallo-Veikko’s (TPV) games, in addition to the traditional meat sausage, vegan options also suffer on the grill. TamU’s games usually offer two different vegan sausages.

“It’s been asked, we clearly have a lot of vegans in the audience. We looked for a suitable partner for this and found a local company with whom it was natural to start cooperating, ”Tampere Tampere Chairman Antti Niemistö says.

Race sausage is a typical race snack.

TPV fans have also been active and vegan hodars went on sale last year.

“The products have done their trade, so this year we also launched vegan sausages,” the team leader of the men’s representative team Janne Formulahti says.

In addition to affordable barbecue sausages, TamU’s games also include a barbecue at a local restaurant, which serves dishes that are one degree finer, such as raw sausages.

“The 4 Seasons restaurant is a great place to have lunch, so it’s not about any basic delicacies. Hodars have had lamb sausage, tsatsik and deep-fried onions, among other things. ”

lower in series games, sausage serving is quite typical and there is usually no more investment in services.

“What we have been doing in the second year in recent years, we have not seen vegan sausages in guest games,” says Tampere United Niemistö.

This may be a little surprising to Niemistö, as the vegetarian food trend has grown and the product range has expanded in recent years.

“Maybe football and sports in general are a little behind.”

the audience Attracting by investing in services has been part of TamU’s long-standing plan, owned by its fans. And the strategy has worked.

“We started with weaving and have gradually developed an activity. The restaurant has been involved for a long time and has been available for several years. We have wanted to make sure that the services play, ”says Niemistö.

Ardy Pitre is happy that vegans are catered for at sporting events. The son Leon Pitrelle goes for a regular sausage.

vegan the sausage is also part of league games, at least in those stands where there are sausages for sale. Pet Ravintolat oy is responsible for serving HJK and IFK’s representative teams at Bolt Arena.

Restaurateur Jussi Vahteristo says a football fan’s favorite is hodari. Hodars also provide a plant alternative.

“In the best game goes a four-figure number of hodars. A few hundred in the standard game, ”Vahteristo says.

Bolt Arena’s selections also include competition sausages, various burgers, paninis and even dumplings, or Asian dough dumplings. And there is no need to sip from the basic three in the auditorium, as beer can be chosen from 15 different options at its best, the main auditorium bar offers eight types.

And the beer sold by the responsible entrepreneur is, of course, served from a pint made of recycled cardboard.

Vesa Pynttäri keeps vegan and ordinary sausages separate, some even on its own platform.


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