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Different initiatives try to preserve all the games that were created in Adobe Flash.

Flash disappears but many of his great video games will remain alive

In case you don’t know, the arrival of 2021 has left a bad news. Adobe, as announced in mid-2020, has stopped distributing and updating Flash Player, which means the disappearance of all the applications that made use of it on the web. And yes, also many video games that were created in the Flash environment. Surely many of you have played in the browser titles that made use of it.

Initiatives like Ruffle and Flashpoint help preserve video games made in FlashIn fact, some have later given the jump to PC or consoles, like Alien Hominid. In an interesting article in El País, we see how there are people in the world who have decided keep all content which was created in Flash, including video games. Initiatives like Ruffle (a Flash Player emulator) and Flashpoint (where about 70,000 games are preserved) help to do this.

“I thought about all the games out there that could or were gone forever because of the Flash’s retirement. I woke up and I got down to work“, said for example the founder of Flashpoint, Ben latimore. “Moving to new platforms is a necessary evil in the name of progress. The error is in the lack of attempts to protect from darkness what was there before, “he added.

Flash disappears but many of his great video games will remain alive

“Some purists insist that just the original experience it’s authentic, in that listening to a vinyl album is the only way. But for the vast majority, if these contents are not readily available, they simply they will not be able to enjoy them“, indicated Mike welsh, responsible for Ruffle.

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Without a doubt, the disappearance of Flash it’s a problem, but thanks to actions like this, many of the creations made in Flash can be preserved. Some time ago we also brought you another service that seeks the game preservation, although this time classics, giving players the possibility to play them in the cloud.

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