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What comes to your mind whenever artificial intelligence is mentioned? If you are like most Canadians, you may think it’s a new thing on planet earth.

However, It’s an old concept whose time has come. Surprisingly, there are countless occasions where you come across examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life.

This article will elaborate on how it is beneficial in various aspects. We linked with our expert Lucas Goldberg (check his profile), who took us through how artificial intelligence impacts various industries and the lives of humankind.

Read on to hear about five real life examples of artificial intelligence.

1. Face detection and recognition

How many times have you seen Canadians using their face ID as their passwords to their phones’ critical features? We can also see the technology in home door lock systems where such IDs are used to lock and unlock doors. 

It’s unknown to most of them that, due to artificial intelligence, face recognition is possible on their smartphones when they want to access them. Also, the technology is useful in making photo filtering excellent.

That may surprise you, but the concept is simple to understand. The machines are not complicated. Their design allows them to capture the essential organs on the face, such as the mouth, nose, and eyes. 

They also have coordinates that allow them to capture the face circularly. That makes it easier for them to detect faces and recognise them. It’s among the great recent examples of artificial intelligence in action.

2. Chatbots

Customer support is essential for every business. Canadian customers are always careful with how they get served when they experience problems.

Companies also value customer services because they understand it’s customers that enable them to make profits. Without them, they have no reason for doing business.

Artificial intelligence makes this possible 24-7 by providing an algorithm that trains the machines to appropriately attend to customers’ queries. Chatbots are taught to act exactly as customer care representatives.

Impersonation of customer support agents’ responses to customers’ queries makes customer service through chatbots excellent.

That’s why you will be amazed by several companies that are currently using chatbots, including Canadian new casinos. It enables them to hold a positive reputation for serving their customers well courtesy of the AI technology in gambling.

Without AI in gambling, Canadian casino companies would be incurring significant costs to maintain customer support teams. That’s because they would have to work 24-7 which would translate into high salary wages.

3. E-payments

Initially, Canadians had to travel to their banks to make transactions, especially those involving paperwork.

Today, that’s not the case because AI has made everything possible from the comfort of your home. It’s among the many examples of artificial intelligence in business.

The presence of various digital transaction methods makes deposits possible by integrating AI in various systems for transactions.

Even cheque deposits are currently possible online because AI is good at deciphering handwriting, making it practical when making such transactions. Canadian Casino players also enjoy the convenience of making payments with minimal challenges.

4. Commercial flights use an AI autopilot

Some people will think that autopilot is a recent invention. Surprisingly, it’s been with us for a long time.

Reports by New York Times highlight that the majority of commercial flight pilots are mostly engaged actively during the first seven minutes. The rest of the operations are largely under autopilot aided by artificial intelligence.


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