Fill your Kindle with million books for free – Amazon’s offer is back

It’s not often you get something for nothing but that’s exactly what Amazon is offering right now. The UK retailer is dishing out a deal that gives Kindle users two whole months of Kindle Unlimited access without paying the usual fee. That means you can read endless best sellers, digital books, magazines, and even listen to audiobooks for free. Anyone can claim so you don’t even have to be a Prime member.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a Netflix-like subscription for books and magazines. Amazon also bundles some of the best-selling book series, such as the Harry Potter saga along with stories by authors such as Nicola Sanders, Lucy Score, Freida McFadden and Hugh Howey.

And that’s not all. If you don’t want to read endless novels there’s also the option to listen instead thanks to Kindle Unlimited slew of audiobooks to stream. These are even available on iPhone or Android device. Select Kindle models, like the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis support these audio files too.

Just beware…

The free offer is one not to miss but if you don’t find yourself using it or simply don’t want to pay then set a reminder on your phone or in your diary.

That’s because Amazon will auto-renew your subscription by default. if you don’t head to your account settings and hit the cancel button you’ll then be charged £9.49 until you do.

What do you need to read?

You won’t need a dedicated Kindle eReader to enjoy all the perks of Kindle Unlimited. As with all Kindle eBooks, you can access everything bundled with your Kindle Unlimited subscription on a variety of devices via the official Kindle app.

This can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS for tablets and smartphones.


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