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Our favourite vehicles are on Bill’s hit list. Seventeen of the top 20 most popular models in Australia don’t meet Labor’s 105gCO2/km vehicle emissions standard.

The average price of Australia’s 20 most popular vehicles is less than $35,000. Labor’s 105gCO2/km limit will increase the cost of a new car by more than $4,800. This is a tax on all vehicles over 105g/km, so the Labor party can force Australians to help them meet their costly EV target.

The Liberal National government supports a natural transition to EVs for Australians who want to drive them.

We will achieve that through investments in congestion-busting infrastructure, continuing our support for Australian companies that are benefiting from opportunities in global manufacturing supply chains, and coordinating initiatives across all levels of government – so that Australian car owners can make their own decisions.

Only the Morrison government has a strong, costed and planned strategy for emissions reduction. The Labor party has set ‘economy-wrecking’ targets without a plan to get us there. Nowhere is this more obvious than in their hopeless and damaging EV policy.

If Bill Shorten can’t tell you what his policy will do to the price of cars and fuel, don’t vote for it.”


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