Facebook to use yearly spend to determine Ads volume limits

The change will affect advertisers starting February 2021. Pages spending under $100K a month on Facebook Ads will be limited to showing 250 ads at a time.

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Facebook announced in a blog post on September 9 that limits on the number of ads a Facebook Page can show at a time will begin in February 2021. The change was initially announced in October 2019, but was delayed from April 2020—presumably due to the pandemic. The company says that the limits are based on their research into the optimal volume for performance based on spending tiers, which are defined in the blog post and help documents. You can also check your Page’s limits in the Ads Manager.

Facebook Page ad limits

The change is designed to increase the number of successful ads shown on the platform by improving the data the Facebook machine learning algorithms must parse. These algorithms learn best when they collect lots of data about an ad, but when Page managers run too many ads, those ads compete for space on the platform. 

Facebook hopes that by limiting the number of ads that enter the bid auction at any time, they will help companies get more engagement on their ads—thus making more money for both the advertisers and Facebook. According to Facebook,

“When an advertiser runs too many ads at once, each ad delivers less often. This means that fewer ads exit the learning phase, and more budget is spent before the delivery system can optimize performance.

“We discovered that four in ten running ads fail to exit the learning phase, and many of these ads come from advertisers running too many ads at the same time.” 

Improving Ad Performance Through Ad Volume Guidance, Facebook

Privacy regulations affecting volume

Kenny Hyder, Founder of the digital marketing agency Hyder Media, told Coywolf that Facebook is likely limiting ad volumes because of new privacy restrictions and an inability to manage the demand for their ads product.

I’m sure some collateral damage could be attributed here to many of the recent and ongoing rulings enforced upon Facebook over privacy concerns. To me, it seems like they found out that it’s much more challenging to offer advertisers a product that provides a predictable return because the product was originally built on massive infringement of privacy.

Kenny Hyder, Founder of Hyder Media

No, you shouldn’t make another Page

Facebook has already thought about how advertisers will try to game the system, and they’ve warned against it. If you make a duplicate Page to show more ads, your ads will compete against one another. This will drive up the cost of bids, decrease conversion rates, cost you more money, and ultimately it means you will have to do more work to manage more than one Page.

Small businesses lose, again

Of course, the companies with the smallest spend are most affected by this change as they have the most to lose. The Facebook policy change will roll out after Apple, Amazon, and Google pass digital services tax (DST) costs on to advertisers.

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