Facebook is testing new UI for Android smartphones

Over the last couple of years, Facebook has brought several new features, design changes and improvements to its mobile app. The company recently started testing a new tabbed interface for News Feed to make it easier for users to differentiate between most recent and already seen posts. However, this time around several users on Reddit have posted about receiving a UI update on Android.

The new design change brings bottom tabs to the Android version of the app, similar to the iOS version. The new UI is available in version or a newer version of the app. With the design change, the Facebook app has become more comfortable to use using one hand, which was earlier an impossible task with tabs at the top.

The update has not been confirmed by Facebook as of now. Some users who received the update are now reporting on Reddit that the changes have been reverted to its original state.

For those unaware, Facebook recently updated its mobile app and website interface with new user-interface and features like dark mode. Both app and desktop redesign brought a streamlined interface for Groups, Marketplace, Watch and other tabs at the home screen. The update also made it easier for users to create Events, Pages, Groups and ads.

However, the most awaited feature of the update was the new Dark mode which can be toggled on and off from the Settings drop-down menu. According to the company, the new dark mode feature is specifically designed to reduce strain while using the app in a dark room and also to minimize screen glare.

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